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Kacheguda (KCG) to Fatehnagar Bridge (FNB) Trains

from Kacheguda to Fatehnagar Bridge
47149FM LPI LOCAL04.4005.0900.29hr
47150FM LPI LOCAL05.4506.1400.29hr
47151FM LPI LOCAL06.0506.3900.34hr
47153FM LPI LOCAL07.0007.4000.40hr
47152FM LPI LOCAL07.4508.1600.31hr
47154FM LPI LOCAL08.0508.3400.29hr
47211FM LPI LOCAL08.4409.1500.31hr
47155FM LPI LOCAL09.2709.5600.29hr
47165FM LPI LOCAL10.1010.4700.37hr
47156FM LPI LOCAL10.5311.2000.27hr
47157FM LPI LOCAL11.1011.4700.37hr
47198FM LPI LOCAL11.3512.0900.34hr
47214FM LPI LOCAL11.5012.2100.31hr
47158FM LPI LOCAL12.2512.5400.29hr
47169FM LPI LOCAL13.1713.4700.30hr
47160FM LPI LOCAL13.4014.1100.31hr
47216FM LPI LOCAL14.5515.2700.32hr
47161FM LPI LOCAL15.3016.0200.32hr
47162FM LPI LOCAL16.2916.5900.30hr
47163FM LPI LOCAL17.2517.5500.30hr
47164FM LPI LOCAL17.5318.2900.36hr
47218FM LPI LOCAL18.1518.4900.34hr
47166FM LPI LOCAL19.0519.3600.31hr
47207FM LPI LOCAL19.2519.5400.29hr
47167FM LPI LOCAL20.0020.2900.29hr
47203FM LPI LOCAL21.0521.3400.29hr
47220FM LPI LOCAL21.2021.5800.38hr
47170FM LPI LOCAL22.0022.2900.29hr
from Necklace Road to Fatehnagar Bridge
47100HYB LPI LOCAL04.4704.5400.07hr
47101HYB LPI LOCAL05.4705.5400.07hr
47102HYB LPI LOCAL06.2706.3400.07hr
47103HYB LPI LOCAL07.0707.1400.07hr
47104HYB LPI LOCAL07.5308.0000.07hr
47105HYB LPI LOCAL08.2208.2900.07hr
47106HYB LPI LOCAL09.0709.1300.06hr
47107HYB LPI LOCAL09.4309.5000.07hr
47108HYB LPI LOCAL10.1910.2400.05hr
47109HYB LPI LOCAL11.0211.0900.07hr
47110HYB LPI LOCAL11.2911.3600.07hr
47111HYB LPI LOCAL12.0712.1400.07hr
47112HYB LPI LOCAL13.3213.3900.07hr
47113HYB LPI LOCAL14.2714.3300.06hr
47114HYB LPI LOCAL15.2715.3300.06hr
47115HYB LPI LOCAL15.5215.5800.06hr
47116HYB LPI LOCAL16.1716.2600.09hr
47117HYB LPI LOCAL17.1217.1900.07hr
47118HYB LPI LOCAL17.4717.5300.06hr
47119HYB LPI LOCAL18.1518.2100.06hr
47120HYB LPI LOCAL19.0419.1000.06hr
47121HYB LPI LOCAL19.4319.5100.08hr
47122HYB LPI LOCAL20.0720.1300.06hr
47123HYB LPI LOCAL21.0021.0600.06hr
47124HYB LPI LOCAL21.5722.0400.07hr
47125HYB LPI LOCAL22.2422.3100.07hr
from Lingampalli to Fatehnagar Bridge
47171LPI FM LOCAL04.2504.4400.19hr
47126LPI HYB LOCAL05.2505.4200.17hr
47127LPI HYB LOCAL05.5006.0700.17hr
47173LPI FM LOCAL05.5506.1400.19hr
47213LPI FM LOCAL06.3006.4900.19hr
47128LPI HYB LOCAL06.3806.5500.17hr
47174LPI FM LOCAL07.0507.2400.19hr
47129LPI HYB LOCAL07.2007.3800.18hr
47175LPI FM LOCAL07.4508.0200.17hr
47130LPI HYB LOCAL08.0008.1900.19hr
47176LPI FM LOCAL08.2308.4200.19hr
47131LPI HYB LOCAL08.4308.5900.16hr
47177LPI FM LOCAL09.0009.1900.19hr
47132LPI HYB LOCAL09.1909.3500.16hr
47178LPI FM LOCAL09.2509.4400.19hr
47133LPI HYB LOCAL09.5510.1400.19hr
47212LPI FM LOCAL10.0510.2300.18hr
47134LPI HYB LOCAL10.2910.4700.18hr
47179LPI FM LOCAL10.4511.0300.18hr
47135LPI HYB LOCAL11.0511.2500.20hr
47189LPI FM LOCAL11.3011.4900.19hr
47136LPI HYB LOCAL11.4812.0700.19hr
47180LPI FM LOCAL12.0012.1900.19hr
47137LPI HYB LOCAL12.3012.4700.17hr
47181LPI FM LOCAL12.4012.5900.19hr
47138LPI HYB LOCAL13.0513.2200.17hr
47215LPI FM LOCAL13.1013.2900.19hr
47182LPI FM LOCAL13.2013.3900.19hr
47183LPI FM LOCAL14.3014.4900.19hr
47184LPI FM LOCAL14.5015.0800.18hr
47139LPI HYB LOCAL15.0015.1900.19hr
47185LPI FM LOCAL15.4516.0400.19hr
47217LPI FM LOCAL16.0016.1800.18hr
47140LPI HYB LOCAL16.1316.3200.19hr
47186LPI FM LOCAL16.2516.4500.20hr
47187LPI FM LOCAL17.0517.2300.18hr
47141LPI HYB LOCAL17.1517.3400.19hr
47210LPI FM LOCAL17.3517.5300.18hr
47142LPI HYB LOCAL18.0018.1900.19hr
47188LPI FM LOCAL18.1018.2800.18hr
47190LPI FM LOCAL18.3518.5400.19hr
47143LPI HYB LOCAL18.4018.5900.19hr
47144LPI HYB LOCAL19.0119.2000.19hr
47191LPI FM LOCAL19.1519.3300.18hr
47219LPI FM LOCAL19.3819.5600.18hr
47145LPI HYB LOCAL19.5520.1400.19hr
47192LPI FM LOCAL20.2020.3700.17hr
47193LPI FM LOCAL20.4521.0300.18hr
47146LPI HYB LOCAL21.0021.1900.19hr
47159LPI FM LOCAL21.1021.2900.19hr
47194LPI FM LOCAL21.4522.0400.19hr
47147LPI HYB LOCAL21.5522.1400.19hr
47195LPI SC LOCAL22.2522.4400.19hr
47148LPI HYB LOCAL22.4523.0300.18hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kacheguda and Fatehnagar Bridge?
    There are 108 trains beween Kacheguda and Fatehnagar Bridge.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kacheguda?
    The first train from Kacheguda to Fatehnagar Bridge is Lingampalli Falaknuma LOCAL (47171) departs at 04.25 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kacheguda?
    The first train from Kacheguda to Fatehnagar Bridge is Lingampalli Hyderabad Decan LOCAL (47148) departs at 22.45 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Fatehnagar Bridge and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kacheguda to Fatehnagar Bridge is Hyderabad Decan Lingampalli LOCAL (47108) departs at 10.19 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 5km in 00.05 hrs.