from Kacheguda to Gooty Jn
16004NSL MAS WKLY EXP01.3508.0806.33hr
22684LKO YPR SUP01.3508.0806.33hr
17606KCG MAQ EXP06.0012.1306.13hr
16570KCG YPR EXP14.0020.1306.13hr
07613NZB QLN SPL15.3023.0807.38hr
16353KCG NCJ EXP16.0021.2805.28hr
17652KCG CGL EXP16.3022.2505.55hr
12770SEVEN HILLS EXP17.5523.2905.34hr
07603KCG KJM SPL18.0023.3505.35hr
12785BANGALORE EXP19.0500.4405.39hr
12797VENKATADRI EXP20.0501.5805.53hr
17603KCG YPR EXP21.0504.0807.03hr
07505AWB QLN SPL22.3005.0806.38hr
19301YESHVANTPUR EXP22.3005.0306.33hr
from Secunderabad Jn to Gooty Jn
17418TIRUPATI EXPRESS09.1517.2308.08hr
12794RAYALASEEMA EXP17.2500.5907.34hr
12732SC TPTY SUP EXP20.0503.0306.58hr

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