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Kacheguda (KCG) to Tirupati (TPTY) Trains

from Kacheguda
16004NSL MAS WKLY EXP01.35Renigunta Jn13.2011.45hr
17606KCG MAQ EXP06.00Renigunta Jn17.3011.30hr
12708AP SMPRK KRANTI10.00Tirupati21.3511.35hr
16353KCG NCJ EXP16.00Tirupati03.2511.25hr
17652KCG CGL EXP16.30Renigunta Jn03.3011.00hr
16734RAMESWARAM EXP17.50Tirupati06.0812.18hr
12766AMI TPTY SUP EXP17.50Tirupati06.4012.50hr
12770SEVEN HILLS EXP17.55Tirupati06.3512.40hr
12797VENKATADRI EXP20.05Tirupati07.0811.03hr
from Secunderabad Jn
07607NED TPTY EXP00.40Tirupati14.0013.20hr
17406KRISHNA EXP06.05Tirupati21.2515.20hr
17418TIRUPATI EXPRESS09.15Tirupati23.1514.00hr
07418NSL TPTY EXP12.05Tirupati04.0015.55hr
12794RAYALASEEMA EXP17.25Tirupati06.1512.50hr
12734NARAYANADRI EXP18.05Tirupati06.0512.00hr
12764PADMAVATI EXP18.30Tirupati07.0012.30hr
12732SC TPTY SUP EXP20.05Tirupati10.3514.30hr
22706TPTY HUMSAFAR23.00Tirupati11.2512.25hr
from Hyderabad Decan
17230SABARI EXP11.15Tirupati00.0512.50hr
07117HYB ERS SPL12.50Tirupati01.1012.20hr
07429HYB TPTY SPL19.50Tirupati08.1012.20hr
07115HYB KCVL SPL21.00Tirupati10.1013.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kacheguda and Tirupati?
    There are 22 trains beween Kacheguda and Tirupati.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kacheguda?
    The first train from Kacheguda to Tirupati is H Sahib Nanded Tirupati EXPRESS (07607) departs at 00.40 and train runs on W.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kacheguda?
    The first train from Kacheguda to Tirupati is Jammu Tawi Tirupati HUMSAFAR (22706) departs at 23.00 and train runs on Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Tirupati and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kacheguda to Tirupati is Kacheguda Chengalpattu Jn EXPRESS (17652) departs at 16.30 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 626km in 11.00 hrs.