from Kalipahari to Mankar
63506ASN BWN MEMU05.0106.0101.00hr
63508ASN BWN MEMU05.5106.5101.00hr
63510ASN BWN MEMU06.2607.2400.58hr
63512ASN BWN MEMU07.4908.5501.06hr
63514ASN BWN MEMU09.0610.0500.59hr
63516ASN BWN MEMU10.2711.2701.00hr
63518ASN BWN MEMU12.4713.4500.58hr
63520ASN BWN MEMU14.1215.1100.59hr
63522ASN BWN MEMU16.1717.2301.06hr
63524ASN BWN MEMU17.0218.0000.58hr
53062HATIA BWN PASS18.3819.5101.13hr
53050MKA HWH PASS20.5722.1801.21hr
63526ASN BWN MEMU21.5723.0101.04hr
from Asansol Jn to Mankar
12340COALFIELD EXP07.0308.1401.11hr
13050ASR HWH EXPRESS11.0512.2101.16hr
22388BLACKDIAMOND EXP17.3718.4201.05hr

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