from Kamakhya to Balasore
07150KYQ SC SPECIAL05.4205.2523.43hr
12508SCL TVC EXPRESS06.3704.2521.48hr
12510GHY BNC EXPRESS06.3704.2521.48hr
12514GHY SC EXPRESS06.3704.2521.48hr
12516SCL TVC EXPRESS06.3704.2521.48hr
12552KYQ YPR AC EXP14.0013.5823.58hr
15630GUWAHATI MS EXP15.2019.1127.51hr
15930DBRG MS EXPRESS15.2019.1127.51hr
15640GHY PURI EXPRESS19.0521.3026.25hr
from Guwahati to Balasore
22502NTSK SBC EXPRESS05.2504.2523.00hr
15906VIVEK EXPRESS11.4514.1426.29hr

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