from Kanas Road to Sakhi Gopal
12837HWH PURI EXP06.2706.5000.23hr
58403KUR PURI PASS07.4108.0900.28hr
68421ANGL PURI MEMU10.0010.2800.28hr
68413TLHR PURI PASS10.5111.1600.25hr
58409KUR PURI PASS12.5113.1300.22hr
58001HWH PURI PASS14.2614.4700.21hr
58418GNPR PURI PASS16.5117.1300.22hr
58415CTC PURI PASS18.4819.1000.22hr
18415BBN PURI EXP19.3419.5000.16hr
58131ROU PURI PASS22.0122.2200.21hr
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