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Kathivakkam (KAVM) to Minjur (MJR) Trains

from Kathivakkam to Minjur
42001MAS GPD LOCAL00.4401.0300.19hr
42401MAS SPE LOCAL04.5205.1100.19hr
42403MAS SPE LOCAL05.2905.4800.19hr
66025MAS SPE LOCAL05.5906.1800.19hr
42751VLCY PON LOCAL06.0406.2300.19hr
42003MAS GPD LOCAL06.2406.4300.19hr
43852TRL PON LOCAL06.4307.0200.19hr
42005MAS GPD LOCAL07.0907.2800.19hr
42007MAS GPD LOCAL07.2907.4800.19hr
42407MAS SPE LOCAL07.5908.1800.19hr
66035MAS SPE MEMU08.1208.2900.17hr
42009MAS GPD LOCAL08.4409.0300.19hr
42409MAS SPE LOCAL09.0409.2300.19hr
42011MAS GPD LOCAL09.2909.4800.19hr
42013MAS GPD LOCAL09.5910.1800.19hr
42651VLCY GPD LOCAL10.1410.3300.19hr
42411MAS SPE LOCAL10.2410.4300.19hr
42015MAS GPD LOCAL10.5411.1300.19hr
42017MAS GPD LOCAL12.0412.2300.19hr
42019MAS GPD LOCAL12.4913.0800.19hr
42413MAS SPE LOCAL13.0913.2800.19hr
42021MAS GPD LOCAL13.5414.1300.19hr
66027MAS SPE LOCAL14.0914.2800.19hr
42301MAS PON LOCAL14.4415.0300.19hr
42023MAS GPD LOCAL15.0415.2300.19hr
42851VLCY SPE LOCAL15.1415.3300.19hr
42025MAS GPD LOCAL15.4416.0300.19hr
42417MAS SPE LOCAL16.0416.2300.19hr
42653VLCY GPD LOCAL16.1716.3300.16hr
42027MAS GPD LOCAL16.5917.1800.19hr
42029MAS GPD LOCAL17.3417.5300.19hr
42031MAS GPD LOCAL18.0418.2300.19hr
42419MAS SPE LOCAL18.2918.4800.19hr
42033MAS GPD LOCAL19.0419.2300.19hr
42655VLCY GPD LOCAL19.0919.2800.19hr
42421MAS SPE LOCAL19.3419.5300.19hr
42035MAS GPD LOCAL20.0420.2300.19hr
42657VLCY GPD LOCAL20.2720.4300.16hr
42037MAS GPD LOCAL20.4421.0300.19hr
42423MAS SPE LOCAL21.0421.2300.19hr
42039MAS GPD LOCAL21.4422.0300.19hr
42041MAS GPD LOCAL22.1422.3300.19hr
42043MAS GPD LOCAL23.1423.3300.19hr
42045MAS GPD LOCAL23.4900.0800.19hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kathivakkam and Minjur?
    There are 44 trains beween Kathivakkam and Minjur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kathivakkam?
    The first train from Kathivakkam to Minjur is Chennai Central Gummidipundi LOCAL (42001) departs at 00.44 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kathivakkam?
    The first train from Kathivakkam to Minjur is Chennai Central Gummidipundi LOCAL (42045) departs at 23.49 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Minjur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kathivakkam to Minjur is Velachery Gummidipundi LOCAL (42653) departs at 16.17 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 12km in 00.16 hrs.