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Katihar Jn (KIR) to Mukuria (MFA) Trains

from Katihar Jn
15716GARIB NAWAJ EXP00.45Barsoi Jn01.4901.04hr
12506NORTH EAST EXP05.00Barsoi Jn05.4600.46hr
12488SEEMANCHAL EXP05.45Barsoi Jn06.4000.55hr
22488ANVT RDP LINK05.45Barsoi Jn06.4000.55hr
15719INTERCITY06.00Barsoi Jn06.5100.51hr
55727KIR RDP PASS06.15Mukuria07.3501.20hr
13246CAPITAL EXP07.25Barsoi Jn08.4001.15hr
13248KYQ CAPITAL EXP07.25Barsoi Jn08.4001.15hr
75749KIR TETA PASS SPL08.20Mukuria09.5801.38hr
15484MAHANANDA EXP09.50Barsoi Jn11.2101.31hr
19709KAVI GURU EXP10.45Barsoi Jn11.3700.52hr
15910AVADH ASSAM EXP13.50Barsoi Jn14.5801.08hr
25910NTSK JIVACHH LIN13.50Barsoi Jn14.5801.08hr
55729KIR RDP PASS14.00Mukuria15.1001.10hr
12408KARAMABHOOMI EXP15.30Barsoi Jn16.0900.39hr
01711JABALPUR NJP SPL17.40Barsoi Jn18.1900.39hr
15635GUWAHATI EXPRES18.00Barsoi Jn19.0001.00hr
75743KIR SGUJ PASS18.15Mukuria19.2401.09hr
55708KIR RDP PASS18.35Mukuria20.4102.06hr
75747KIR BOE PASS21.15Mukuria22.2301.08hr
15645GUWAHATI EXPRES21.15Barsoi Jn22.1100.56hr
15656SVDK KYQ EXPRESS23.40Barsoi Jn00.4601.06hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Katihar Jn and Mukuria?
    There are 22 trains beween Katihar Jn and Mukuria.
  2. When does the first train leave from Katihar Jn?
    The first train from Katihar Jn to Mukuria is Ajmer Jn Kishanganj GARIB NAWAJ EXPRESS (15716) departs at 00.45 and train runs on W Th Sa.
  3. When does the last train leave from Katihar Jn?
    The first train from Katihar Jn to Mukuria is Shmata Vd Katra Kamakhya Jn EXPRESS (15656) departs at 23.40 and train runs on Th.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mukuria and its timing?
    The fastest train from Katihar Jn to Mukuria is Amritsar Jn New Jalpaiguri KARAMABHOOMI EXPRESS (12408) departs at 15.30 and train runs on Sa. It covers the distance of 39km in 00.39 hrs.