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Kazipet Jn (KZJ) to Chandrapur Maharashtra (CD) Trains

from Kazipet Jn to Chandrapur Maharashtra
07005HYB RXL SPL00.0504.5604.51hr
12771SC NGP SUP EXP00.0504.5604.51hr
12721NIZAMUDDIN EXP01.3005.4904.19hr
12861LINK DAKSIN EXP01.3005.4904.19hr
17037SC HSR EXP01.5006.1004.20hr
15016YPR GORAKPUR EXP02.0706.2804.21hr
12975JAIPUR EXPRESS04.2208.1903.57hr
12723TELANGANA EXP08.4212.5404.12hr
12590GORAKHPUR EXP09.1613.5404.38hr
12592GORAKHPUR EXP09.1613.5404.38hr
12791SC DNR EXPRESS12.0216.2604.24hr
15024YPR GKP EXP13.2017.4204.22hr
22152KZJ PUNE SF EXP13.3017.5004.20hr
11084TADOBA EXPRESS17.4521.5304.08hr
22128ANANDWAN EXP18.3022.3704.07hr
57136KZJ AJNI PASS21.1504.2307.08hr
from Warangal to Chandrapur Maharashtra
12295SANGHAMITRA EXP01.0605.2904.23hr
22663MS JODHPUR EXP01.2006.1004.50hr
12578BAGMATI EXPRESS01.5506.2604.31hr
18401PURI OKHA EXP03.0008.3805.38hr
12669GANGAKAVERI EXP03.1008.3705.27hr
12967JAIPUR EXP03.1008.1805.08hr
12969CBE JAIPUR EXP03.1008.1905.09hr
12615GRAND TRUNK EXP05.0009.1304.13hr
22816ERS BILASPUR EXP06.4511.5605.11hr
22631ANUVRAT EXPRESS06.4511.5805.13hr
12512RAPTISAGAR EXP09.1013.3404.24hr
12522RAPTISAGAR EXP09.1013.3404.24hr
22646AHILYANAGARI EX09.1013.3404.24hr
22648KORBA EXPRESS09.1013.3404.24hr
12625KERALA EXPRESS13.0517.2604.21hr
22415VSKP NDLS APEXP17.4522.0704.22hr
16031ANDAMAN EXPRESS18.0823.0805.00hr
16093LUCKNOW EXP18.0823.0805.00hr
16317HIMSAGAR EXP19.4523.5504.10hr
16687NAVYUG EXP19.4523.5604.11hr
02193TEN JBP EXPRESS19.4523.5604.11hr
16787TEN JAMMU EXP19.4523.5604.11hr
12656NAVAJIVAN EXP20.1000.3604.26hr
15119RMM MUV EXPRESS23.4504.3804.53hr
16359ERS PATNA EXP23.4504.3804.53hr
16793SHRADDHA SETHU23.4504.3704.52hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kazipet Jn and Chandrapur Maharashtra?
    There are 43 trains beween Kazipet Jn and Chandrapur Maharashtra.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kazipet Jn?
    The first train from Kazipet Jn to Chandrapur Maharashtra is HYDERABAD DECAN RAXAUL JN SPECIAL (07005) departs at 00.05 and train runs on F.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kazipet Jn?
    The first train from Kazipet Jn to Chandrapur Maharashtra is RAMESWARAM FAIZABAD JN FAIZABAD EXPRESS (16793) departs at 23.45 and train runs on M.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Chandrapur Maharashtra and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kazipet Jn to Chandrapur Maharashtra is Mysore Jn Jaipur Jn JAIPUR EXPRESS (12975) departs at 04.22 and train runs on F Su. It covers the distance of 248km in 03.57 hrs.