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Kengeri (KGI) to Mysore Jn (MYS) Trains

from Kengeri to Mysore Jn
56264MYSORE PASS00.2004.1503.55hr
16230BSB MYS EXP00.3502.4502.10hr
16218SNSI MYS EXPRESS03.4806.0002.12hr
16021KAVERI EXPRESS04.2006.4002.20hr
16228BANGALORE EXP04.5207.4502.53hr
22682MYSORE EXPRESS05.5508.1002.15hr
16231MYSORE EXPRESS06.2008.3002.10hr
16591HAMPI EXPRESS06.4509.1002.25hr
16235MYSORE EXP07.2009.4502.25hr
16220TPTY CMNR EXP07.4010.2002.40hr
16536GOLGUMBAZ EXP08.3011.0002.30hr
56232SBC MYS PASS09.4512.4503.00hr
16558RAJYARANI EXP10.4913.3002.41hr
17308BASAVA EXPRESS11.3513.5002.15hr
16024MALGUDI EXPRESS13.5016.0002.10hr
12614TIPPU EXPRESS15.2017.3002.10hr
56282SBC CMNR PASS15.5618.4002.44hr
17325VISHWAMANAV EXP18.0520.4002.35hr
16216CHAMUNDI EXPRES18.3521.0502.30hr
56238SBC MYS PASS19.2322.2002.57hr
16517KANNUR EXP20.5023.0502.15hr
16523KARWAR EXP20.5023.0002.10hr
12577BAGMATI EXPRESS21.1023.3002.20hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kengeri and Mysore Jn?
    There are 23 trains beween Kengeri and Mysore Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kengeri?
    The first train from Kengeri to Mysore Jn is Ksr Bengaluru Mysore Jn MYSORE PASSENGER (56264) departs at 00.20 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kengeri?
    The first train from Kengeri to Mysore Jn is Darbhanga Jn Mysore Jn BAGMATI EXPRESS (12577) departs at 21.10 and train runs on Th.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mysore Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kengeri to Mysore Jn is Varanasi Jn Mysore Jn EXPRESS (16230) departs at 00.35 and train runs on Tu Su. It covers the distance of 126km in 02.10 hrs.