from Khana Jn to Barhiya
53049HWH MKA PAS01.5710.3908.42hr
53131SDAH MFP FAST PGR09.1818.5209.34hr
53041HWH JYG PGR10.2103.5317.32hr
53043HWH RGD PASS13.3904.0814.29hr
13049AMRITSAR EXP16.3123.3807.07hr
from Barddhaman to Barhiya
13007U ABHATOOFAN EXP11.4018.1906.39hr
13105SDAH BUI EXPRES15.4722.1606.29hr
12351DANAPUR EXPRESS21.4803.4505.57hr
13131KOAA PNBE EXP22.1105.2307.12hr
13133SDAH BSB EXP23.0210.5111.49hr
13119SDAH ANVT EXP23.0210.5111.49hr
13019BAGH EXPRESS23.3705.4506.08hr

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