from Khana Jn to Waria
53049HWH MKA PAS01.5702.4900.52hr
63505BWN ASN MEMU04.1405.0700.53hr
63507BWN ASN MEMU05.3206.2500.53hr
53061BWN HTE PASS06.3207.3401.02hr
63509BWN ASN MEMU07.4408.3600.52hr
63511BWN ASN MEMU08.5409.5000.56hr
53131SDAH MFP FAST PGR09.1810.1200.54hr
63513BWN ASN MEMU10.0410.5600.52hr
63515BWN ASN MEMU12.1913.1100.52hr
63517BWN ASN MEMU13.2914.2200.53hr
63519BWN ASN MEMU15.3416.2900.55hr
63521BWN ASN MEMU16.1917.1300.54hr
13049AMRITSAR EXP16.3117.2600.55hr
63523BWN ASN MEMU17.3918.3300.54hr
63525BWN ASN MEMU20.1921.1200.53hr
from Barddhaman to Waria
22387BLACKDIAMOND EXP07.5909.0601.07hr
13021MITHILA EXPRESS18.1419.1701.03hr
53045MAYURAKSHI FAST PASS18.2319.2301.00hr
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