from Khardaha to Habibpur
31511SDAH STB LOCAL05.0306.3501.32hr
31513SDAH STB LOCAL06.2807.5701.29hr
31515SDAH STB LOCAL07.5309.2301.30hr
31517SDAH STB LOCAL09.1810.4901.31hr
31519SDAH STB LOCAL11.0012.3201.32hr
31521SDAH STB LOCAL12.0313.4001.37hr
31523SDAH STB LOCAL13.2815.0001.32hr
31525SDAH STB LOCAL14.4816.1901.31hr
31527SDAH STB LOCAL16.1317.4401.31hr
31529SDAH STB LOCAL17.2818.5701.29hr
31533SDAH STB LOCAL19.2120.5201.31hr
31535SDAH STB LOCAL20.1821.5201.34hr
31537SDAH STB LOCAL21.1322.4501.32hr
31539SDAH STB LOCAL22.1823.4701.29hr
31541SDAH STB LOCAL23.0800.3601.28hr
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