from Khardi to Titvala
96402KSRA CSTM LOCAL04.4205.2100.39hr
96404KSRA CSTM LOCAL05.1705.5600.39hr
95402KSRA CSTM FAST06.2707.0600.39hr
95404KSRA CSTM FAST07.0207.4100.39hr
95406KSRA CSTM FAST07.3908.1800.39hr
95408KSRA CSTM SEMI FAST08.3509.1400.39hr
95410KSRA CSTM FAST10.2711.0600.39hr
95412KSRA CSTM FAST11.2912.0800.39hr
95414KSRA CSTM SEMI FAST12.3613.1500.39hr
95416KSRA CSTM FAST13.4814.2700.39hr
95418KSRA CSTM FAST15.0115.3900.38hr
95420KSRA CSTM FAST15.5416.3300.39hr
95422KSRA CSTM FAST16.4117.2000.39hr
95424KSRA CSTM FAST17.3418.1300.39hr
95426KSRA CSTM FAST18.3519.1400.39hr
95428KSRA CSTM FAST20.3221.1100.39hr
95430KSRA CSTM FAST21.3822.1600.38hr
96406KSRA CSTM LOCAL22.2223.0100.39hr
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