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Kharghar (KHAG) to Cotton Green (CTGN) Trains

from Kharghar to Cotton Green
98002PNVL CSTM LOCAL00.1301.0700.54hr
98004PNVL CSTM LOCAL04.1405.0900.55hr
98006PNVL CSTM LOCAL04.4005.3500.55hr
98008PNVL CSTM LOCAL05.0005.5500.55hr
98010PNVL CSTM LOCAL05.1606.1100.55hr
98012PNVL CSTM LOCAL05.2806.2300.55hr
98014PNVL CSTM LOCAL05.4706.4200.55hr
98016PNVL CSTM LOCAL06.0106.5600.55hr
98018PNVL CSTM LOCAL06.1607.1100.55hr
98020PNVL CSTM LOCAL06.3207.2700.55hr
98022PNVL CSTM LOCAL06.4307.3800.55hr
98026PNVL CSTM LOCAL06.5607.5100.55hr
98028PNVL CSTM LOCAL07.0808.0300.55hr
98032PNVL CSTM LOCAL07.2608.2100.55hr
98036PNVL CSTM LOCAL07.4208.3700.55hr
98038PNVL CSTM LOCAL07.5808.5300.55hr
98042PNVL CSTM LOCAL08.1009.0500.55hr
98044PNVL CSTM LOCAL08.2209.1700.55hr
98046PNVL CSTM LADIES SPL08.3009.2500.55hr
98048PNVL CSTM LOCAL08.3709.3200.55hr
98052PNVL CSTM LOCAL08.5809.5700.59hr
98054PNVL CSTM LOCAL09.0810.0500.57hr
98056PNVL CSTM LOCAL09.2010.1600.56hr
98058PNVL CSTM LOCAL09.3110.2700.56hr
98060PNVL CSTM LOCAL09.4310.3900.56hr
98062PNVL CSTM LOCAL09.5110.4700.56hr
98066PNVL CSTM LOCAL10.0410.5900.55hr
98068PNVL CSTM LOCAL10.1611.1100.55hr
98070PNVL CSTM LOCAL10.2811.2300.55hr
98074PNVL CSTM LOCAL10.4411.3900.55hr
98076PNVL CSTM LOCAL11.0011.5500.55hr
98078PNVL CSTM LOCAL11.1712.1200.55hr
98080PNVL CSTM LOCAL11.2712.2200.55hr
98084PNVL CSTM LOCAL11.4312.3800.55hr
98086PNVL CSTM LOCAL11.5412.4900.55hr
98088PNVL CSTM LOCAL12.0312.5800.55hr
98092PNVL CSTM LOCAL12.1913.1400.55hr
98094PNVL CSTM LOCAL12.3513.3000.55hr
98096PNVL CSTM LOCAL12.5213.4700.55hr
98100PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.0714.0200.55hr
98102PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.2014.1500.55hr
98104PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.3014.2500.55hr
98106PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.3414.2900.55hr
98108PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.4414.3900.55hr
98110PNVL CSTM LOCAL13.5214.4700.55hr
98112PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.0414.5900.55hr
98114PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.1215.0700.55hr
98118PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.3115.2600.55hr
98120PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.4215.3700.55hr
98122PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.4615.4100.55hr
98128PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.5615.5100.55hr
98126PNVL CSTM LOCAL14.5615.5100.55hr
98132PNVL CSTM LOCAL15.1916.1400.55hr
98134PNVL CSTM LOCAL15.3116.2600.55hr
98136PNVL CSTM LOCAL15.3916.3400.55hr
98138PNVL CSTM LOCAL15.5216.4700.55hr
98140PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.0016.5500.55hr
98142PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.1217.0700.55hr
98144PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.2117.1600.55hr
98146PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.3317.2800.55hr
98148PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.4117.3600.55hr
98150PNVL CSTM LOCAL16.4917.4400.55hr
98154PNVL CSTM LOCAL17.0417.5900.55hr
98156PNVL CSTM LOCAL17.1818.1300.55hr
98158PNVL CSTM LOCAL17.3218.2800.56hr
98160PNVL CSTM LOCAL17.4418.4000.56hr
98164PNVL CSTM LOCAL18.0118.5600.55hr
98166PNVL CSTM LOCAL18.1719.1400.57hr
98168PNVL CSTM LOCAL18.2819.2300.55hr
98170PNVL CSTM LOCAL18.4819.4300.55hr
98172PNVL CSTM LOCAL18.5619.5100.55hr
98176PNVL CSTM LOCAL19.0820.0300.55hr
98178PNVL CSTM LOCAL19.1620.1100.55hr
98180PNVL CSTM LOCAL19.2420.1900.55hr
98182PNVL CSTM LOCAL19.3420.3000.56hr
98184PNVL CSTM LOCAL19.5020.4500.55hr
98186PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.0220.5700.55hr
98188PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.0621.0100.55hr
98190PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.1821.1300.55hr
98192PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.3421.2900.55hr
98196PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.4221.3700.55hr
98198PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.4621.4100.55hr
98200PNVL CSTM LOCAL20.5821.5300.55hr
98202PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.0822.0300.55hr
98204PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.1622.1100.55hr
98206PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.2522.2000.55hr
98208PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.3722.3200.55hr
98210PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.4622.4100.55hr
98212PNVL CSTM LOCAL21.5022.4500.55hr
98216PNVL CSTM LOCAL22.1023.0500.55hr
98218PNVL CSTM LOCAL22.1823.1300.55hr
98220PNVL CSTM LOCAL22.3023.2500.55hr
98222PNVL CSTM LOCAL22.4423.3900.55hr
98224PNVL CSTM LOCAL22.5723.5200.55hr
98228PNVL CSTM LOCAL23.0900.0400.55hr
98232PNVL CSTM LOCAL23.2400.1900.55hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kharghar and Cotton Green?
    There are 96 trains beween Kharghar and Cotton Green.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kharghar?
    The first train from Kharghar to Cotton Green is Panvel Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98002) departs at 00.13 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kharghar?
    The first train from Kharghar to Cotton Green is Panvel Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98232) departs at 23.24 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Cotton Green and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kharghar to Cotton Green is Panvel Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98002) departs at 00.13 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 37km in 00.54 hrs.