from Kiul Jn to Simultala
13020BAGH EXPRESS01.1503.3102.16hr
13050ASR HWH EXPRESS04.3607.2502.49hr
63572MKA JSME MEMU05.5008.1202.22hr
18184DNR TATA EXP08.5410.3101.37hr
13008U A TOOFAN EXP10.1812.1201.54hr
13332PNBE DHN EXPRES10.5713.0702.10hr
63208PNBE JSME MEMU13.3015.3402.04hr
53050MKA HWH PASS13.4015.5802.18hr
63574KIUL JSME MEMU14.1016.1702.07hr
53132MFP SDAH PASS14.3016.4402.14hr
18621PATLIPUTRA EXP18.1220.2602.14hr
13132PNBE KOAA EXPRES20.3222.5402.22hr
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