from Kolaghat to Midnapore
38801HWH MDN LOCAL03.5205.3501.43hr
38803HWH MDN LOCAL05.4507.3001.45hr
38805HWH MDN LOCAL06.5708.5001.53hr
38807HWH MDN LOCAL07.5209.5001.58hr
38809HWH MDN LOCAL09.2211.2502.03hr
38811HWH MDN LOCAL10.1012.0001.50hr
38813HWH MDN LOCAL11.1012.5501.45hr
38815HWH MDN LOCAL11.4613.4001.54hr
38817HWH MDN LOCAL13.3415.3001.56hr
38819HWH MDN LOCAL14.5617.0802.12hr
38821HWH MDN FAST17.0218.4501.43hr
38823HWH MDN FAST18.3820.2001.42hr
38827HWH MDN FAST19.4321.3001.47hr
38829HWH MDN FAST20.4822.3201.44hr
38831HWH MDN LOCAL21.3323.2501.52hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019