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Kolkata (KOAA) to Sodepur (SEP) Trains

from Kolkata to Sodepur
30145BBD KNJ LOCAL08.4109.0400.23hr
30121NACC NH LOCAL11.5412.1500.21hr
30135MJT RHA LOCAL19.0219.2600.24hr
30111BLN BP LOCAL19.4220.0300.21hr
30123MJT NH LOCAL20.2320.4300.20hr
from Barrackpore to Sodepur
31542STB SDAH LOCAL00.1200.2100.09hr
53172LGL SDAH PASS03.3803.5000.12hr
31412NH SDAH LOCAL04.2604.3500.09hr
31512STB SDAH LOCAL04.5505.0400.09hr
31414NH SDAH LOCAL05.1105.2000.09hr
31612RHA SDAH LOCAL05.2105.3000.09hr
31912GEDE SDAH LOCAL05.4005.4900.09hr
31312KLYM SDAH LOCAL05.4805.5700.09hr
31812KNJ SDAH LOCAL06.0306.1200.09hr
34052NH BGB LOCAL06.1606.2500.09hr
31514STB SDAH LOCAL06.2306.3200.09hr
31212BP SDAH LOCAL06.4006.4900.09hr
31314KLYM SDAH LOCAL06.4706.5600.09hr
31914GEDE SDAH LOCAL06.5607.0500.09hr
31614RHA SDAH LOCAL07.0707.1600.09hr
31516STB SDAH LOCAL07.2207.3100.09hr
30142GEDE MJT LOCAL07.3007.3700.07hr
31214BP SDAH FAST07.4007.4800.08hr
31816KNJ SDAH LOCAL07.4407.5300.09hr
31316KLYM SDAH LOCAL07.5608.0600.10hr
31416NH SDAH LOCAL08.1308.2300.10hr
31616RHA SDAH LOCAL08.2108.3100.10hr
31216BP SDAH LOCAL08.2208.3200.10hr
31218BP SDAH LOCAL08.3508.4500.10hr
31602RHA SDAH LADIES SPL08.4708.5600.09hr
31220BP SDAH LOCAL08.4808.5800.10hr
31418NH SDAH LOCAL08.5309.0300.10hr
31518STB SDAH LOCAL08.5609.0400.08hr
31222BP SDAH LOCAL09.0209.1200.10hr
30128KLYM NACC LOCAL09.0409.1500.11hr
31420NH SDAH LOCAL09.3109.4000.09hr
30116BP BBDB LOCAL09.3409.4300.09hr
31422NH SDAH LOCAL09.4809.5700.09hr
31224BP SDAH LOCAL09.5710.0600.09hr
31318KLYM SDAH LOCAL10.0210.1100.09hr
31520STB SDAH LOCAL10.0910.1800.09hr
31802KNJ SDAH LADIES SPL10.1810.2700.09hr
31226BP SDAH LOCAL10.2510.3400.09hr
31228BP SDAH LOCAL10.3210.4100.09hr
31820KNJ SDAH LOCAL10.3710.4600.09hr
31918GEDE SDAH LOCAL10.4410.5300.09hr
31230BP SDAH LOCAL11.0011.0900.09hr
31424NH SDAH LOCAL11.0611.1500.09hr
31622RHA SDAH LOCAL11.1511.2400.09hr
31822KNJ SDAH LOCAL11.2311.3200.09hr
31522STB SDAH LOCAL11.3511.4400.09hr
34056KLYM BGB LOCAL11.5212.0100.09hr
31426NH SDAH LOCAL12.2112.3000.09hr
31920GEDE SDAH LOCAL12.3012.3900.09hr
31428NH SDAH LOCAL12.4912.5800.09hr
31524STB SDAH LOCAL12.5813.0700.09hr
31824KNJ SDAH LOCAL13.3613.4500.09hr
31430NH SDAH LOCAL13.4113.5000.09hr
31624RHA SDAH LOCAL13.5114.0000.09hr
31432NH SDAH LOCAL14.0114.1000.09hr
31322KLYM SDAH LOCAL14.1514.2700.12hr
31232BP SDAH LOCAL14.4214.5100.09hr
31526STB SDAH LOCAL14.4814.5700.09hr
31324KLYM SDAH LOCAL15.0115.1000.09hr
31434NH SDAH LOCAL15.1115.2000.09hr
30122NH BLN LOCAL15.3615.4500.09hr
31234BP SDAH LOCAL15.4515.5400.09hr
31528STB SDAH LOCAL15.5516.0400.09hr
31326KLYM SDAH LOCAL16.0616.1500.09hr
31922GEDE SDAH LOCAL16.1716.2600.09hr
30152NH MJT LOCAL16.3916.4800.09hr
31828KNJ SDAH LOCAL16.5016.5900.09hr
31152BWN SDAH LOCAL16.5617.0500.09hr
31530STB SDAH LOCAL17.0917.1800.09hr
31328KLYM SDAH LOCAL17.1717.2600.09hr
30112BP MJT LOCAL17.2017.2900.09hr
31924GEDE SDAH LOCAL17.3017.3900.09hr
31436NH SDAH LOCAL17.4317.5200.09hr
63142RPH SDAH PASS17.5017.5800.08hr
30154NH MJT LOCAL18.1318.2300.10hr
31330KLYM SDAH LOCAL18.2018.2900.09hr
31628RHA SDAH LOCAL18.2718.3400.07hr
31236BP SDAH LOCAL18.3018.3900.09hr
31532STB SDAH LOCAL18.3918.4800.09hr
31112KWAE SDAH LOCAL18.4918.5600.07hr
33232BP DDJ LOCAL18.5219.0100.09hr
34054NH BGB LOCAL19.0319.1200.09hr
31238BP SDAH LOCAL19.2519.3400.09hr
31438NH SDAH LOCAL19.4119.5000.09hr
31630RHA SDAH LOCAL19.4419.5300.09hr
31332KLYM SDAH LOCAL19.5220.0100.09hr
31534STB SDAH LOCAL20.0220.0900.07hr
31440NH SDAH LOCAL20.0820.1700.09hr
31832KNJ SDAH LOCAL20.1620.2500.09hr
31240BP SDAH LOCAL20.2720.3600.09hr
31632RHA SDAH LOCAL20.3220.4100.09hr
31442NH SDAH LOCAL20.3920.4800.09hr
31334KLYM SDAH LOCAL20.5020.5900.09hr
31834KNJ SDAH LOCAL21.0021.1000.10hr
31634RHA SDAH LOCAL21.1021.1900.09hr
31536STB SDAH LOCAL21.2121.3000.09hr
31444NH SDAH LOCAL21.2921.3800.09hr
31836KNJ SDAH LOCAL21.3921.4800.09hr
31926GEDE SDAH LOCAL21.4921.5800.09hr
31446NH SDAH LOCAL21.5322.0200.09hr
31336KLYM SDAH LOCAL22.0022.0900.09hr
31538STB SDAH LOCAL22.2722.3600.09hr
31448NH SDAH LOCAL22.2922.3800.09hr
31636RHA SDAH LOCAL22.3722.4600.09hr
31338KLYM SDAH LOCAL22.5723.0600.09hr
31540STB SDAH LOCAL23.0523.1400.09hr
31928GEDE SDAH LOCAL23.1823.2700.09hr
31450NH SDAH LOCAL23.3623.4500.09hr
31838KNJ SDAH LOCAL23.5200.0100.09hr
from Sealdah to Sodepur
31811SDAH KNJ LOCAL03.2003.4300.23hr
31311SDAH KLYM LOCAL04.1204.3500.23hr
31911SDAH GEDE LOCAL04.2004.4300.23hr
31511SDAH STB LOCAL04.3504.5800.23hr
31611SDAH RHA LOCAL05.0505.2800.23hr
31813SDAH KNJ LOCAL05.2005.4300.23hr
31313SDAH KLYM LOCAL05.3005.5300.23hr
31613SDAH RHA LOCAL05.3706.0000.23hr
31211SDAH BP LOCAL05.5006.1300.23hr
31513SDAH STB LOCAL06.0006.2300.23hr
31815SDAH KNJ LOCAL06.1006.3300.23hr
31615SDAH RHA LOCAL06.2006.4300.23hr
31315SDAH KLYM LOCAL06.3006.5300.23hr
31413SDAH NH LOCAL06.3807.0100.23hr
31213SDAH BP FAST06.4807.0800.20hr
31817SDAH KNJ LOCAL06.5507.1800.23hr
31317SDAH KLYM LOCAL07.1807.4100.23hr
31515SDAH STB LOCAL07.2507.4800.23hr
31913SDAH GEDE LOCAL07.4008.0300.23hr
31217SDAH BP LOCAL07.4608.0900.23hr
31415SDAH NH LOCAL07.5208.1500.23hr
31617SDAH RHA LOCAL08.0008.2300.23hr
31219SDAH BP LOCAL08.0008.2300.23hr
31111SDAH KWAE LOCAL08.0608.2800.22hr
31241SDAH BP LOCAL08.1308.3600.23hr
31319SDAH KLYM LOCAL08.3008.5300.23hr
31221SDAH BP LOCAL08.3809.0100.23hr
31517SDAH STB LOCAL08.5009.1300.23hr
31223SDAH BP LOCAL09.1009.3300.23hr
31321SDAH KLYM LOCAL09.2009.4300.23hr
31417SDAH NH LOCAL09.2809.5100.23hr
31225SDAH BP LOCAL09.3409.5700.23hr
31227SDAH BP LOCAL09.4010.0300.23hr
31915SDAH GEDE LOCAL09.5810.2100.23hr
31229SDAH BP LOCAL10.0510.2800.23hr
31151SDAH BWN LOCAL10.1510.3800.23hr
31519SDAH STB LOCAL10.3210.5500.23hr
31421SDAH NH LOCAL10.4511.0800.23hr
31821SDAH KNJ LOCAL10.5211.1500.23hr
31423SDAH NH LOCAL11.1511.3800.23hr
31323SDAH KLYM LOCAL11.2211.4500.23hr
31521SDAH STB LOCAL11.3511.5800.23hr
31621SDAH RHA LOCAL11.4512.0800.23hr
31823SDAH KNJ LOCAL12.0512.2800.23hr
31425SDAH NH LOCAL12.2012.4300.23hr
31325SDAH KLYM LOCAL12.3012.5300.23hr
31917SDAH GEDE LOCAL12.4513.0800.23hr
31523SDAH STB LOCAL13.0013.2300.23hr
31427SDAH NH LOCAL13.0713.3000.23hr
31825SDAH KNJ LOCAL13.1513.3800.23hr
31327SDAH KLYM LOCAL13.3513.5800.23hr
31231SDAH BP LOCAL13.4214.0500.23hr
31429SDAH NH LOCAL13.5214.1500.23hr
31919SDAH GEDE LOCAL14.0514.2800.23hr
31525SDAH STB LOCAL14.2014.4300.23hr
31329SDAH KLYM LOCAL14.4015.0300.23hr
31233SDAH BP LOCAL14.5015.1300.23hr
31623SDAH RHA LOCAL15.0015.2300.23hr
31827SDAH KNJ LOCAL15.2515.4800.23hr
31331SDAH KLYM LOCAL15.3515.5800.23hr
31527SDAH STB LOCAL15.4516.0800.23hr
31431SDAH NH LOCAL16.0216.2500.23hr
31235SDAH BP LOCAL16.0816.3100.23hr
31433SDAH NH LOCAL16.3216.5800.26hr
31333SDAH KLYM LOCAL16.5017.1600.26hr
31529SDAH STB LOCAL16.5717.2300.26hr
31801SDAH KNJ LADIES SPL17.0517.2800.23hr
31921SDAH GEDE LOCAL17.1517.3800.23hr
31435SDAH NH LOCAL17.2217.4800.26hr
31531SDAH STB LOCAL17.5218.1200.20hr
31601SDAH RHA LADIES SPL17.5218.1500.23hr
31437SDAH NH LOCAL18.0518.2800.23hr
31335SDAH KLYM LOCAL18.1218.3800.26hr
31923SDAH GEDE LOCAL18.2018.4700.27hr
31237SDAH BP LOCAL18.2818.5400.26hr
31439SDAH NH LOCAL18.3519.0100.26hr
31533SDAH STB LOCAL18.5019.1600.26hr
31337SDAH KLYM FAST19.1019.3000.20hr
31925SDAH GEDE LOCAL19.1719.4000.23hr
31835SDAH KNJ LOCAL19.3519.5800.23hr
31441SDAH NH LOCAL19.4220.0500.23hr
31535SDAH STB LOCAL19.5020.1300.23hr
31339SDAH KLYM LOCAL20.1020.3300.23hr
31627SDAH RHA LOCAL20.2520.4800.23hr
31927SDAH GEDE LOCAL20.3220.5500.23hr
31537SDAH STB LOCAL20.4521.0800.23hr
31443SDAH NH LOCAL20.5221.1500.23hr
31837SDAH KNJ LOCAL21.0021.2300.23hr
31445SDAH NH LOCAL21.2021.4300.23hr
31929SDAH GEDE LOCAL21.3021.5300.23hr
31629SDAH RHA LOCAL21.4022.0300.23hr
31539SDAH STB LOCAL21.5022.1300.23hr
31341SDAH KLYM LOCAL22.0522.2800.23hr
31447SDAH NH LOCAL22.2222.4500.23hr
31541SDAH STB LOCAL22.4023.0300.23hr
31631SDAH RHA LOCAL22.5023.1300.23hr
31449SDAH NH LOCAL23.1523.3800.23hr
31633SDAH RHA LOCAL23.4000.0300.23hr
from Dum Dum to Sodepur
31471KGK NH LOCAL07.2407.3300.09hr
31051BGB NH LOCAL08.3008.3900.09hr
31053BGB NH LOCAL15.1515.2400.09hr
31261BNXR BP LOCAL17.5318.0200.09hr
33231DDJ BP LOCAL18.1718.2700.10hr
31055BGB NH LOCAL19.0519.1400.09hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Kolkata and Sodepur?
    There are 218 trains beween Kolkata and Sodepur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Kolkata?
    The first train from Kolkata to Sodepur is Shantipur Sealdah LOCAL (31542) departs at 00.12 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Kolkata?
    The first train from Kolkata to Sodepur is Krishnanagar City Jn Sealdah LOCAL (31838) departs at 23.52 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Sodepur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Kolkata to Sodepur is Gede Majerhat LOCAL (30142) departs at 07.30 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 7km in 00.07 hrs.