from Kulgachia to Radhamohanpur
58001HWH PURI PASS01.1602.1901.03hr
38801HWH MDN LOCAL03.3404.2800.54hr
38703HWH KGP LOCAL04.2805.2100.53hr
38803HWH MDN LOCAL05.2706.2200.55hr
38705HWH KGP LOCAL05.5606.4900.53hr
38805HWH MDN LOCAL06.3907.3500.56hr
38807HWH MDN LOCAL07.3408.2800.54hr
38707HWH KGP LOCAL08.1809.1000.52hr
38809HWH MDN LOCAL09.0210.0201.00hr
38811HWH MDN LOCAL09.5210.4500.53hr
38813HWH MDN LOCAL10.5311.4500.52hr
38815HWH MDN LOCAL11.2612.2701.01hr
38709SRC KGP LOCAL11.4512.4300.58hr
38711HWH KGP LOCAL11.5912.5700.58hr
38501HWH BCK LOCAL12.3113.2500.54hr
38713HWH KGP LOCAL13.0213.5400.52hr
38817HWH MDN LOCAL13.1614.1100.55hr
38717HWH KGP LOCAL13.5914.5300.54hr
38819HWH MDN LOCAL14.3815.3100.53hr
38719HWH KGP LOCAL15.2416.2000.56hr
38721HWH KGP LOCAL17.3318.2700.54hr
68007HWH JER MEMU18.0619.0300.57hr
38723HWH KGP LADIES SPL19.4720.4000.53hr
38829HWH MDN FAST20.3121.2200.51hr
38831HWH MDN LOCAL21.1422.0600.52hr
38725HWH KGP LOCAL21.5122.4500.54hr
38727HWH KGP LOCAL22.4023.3400.54hr
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