from Light House to Putlur H
43761VLCY TRL LOCAL05.5407.2701.33hr
43763VLCY TRL LOCAL09.2910.5801.29hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL11.4413.1901.35hr
43765VLCY TRL LOCAL12.3914.1401.35hr
43931VLCY AJJ LOCAL13.5915.3701.38hr
43767VLCY TRL LOCAL14.5916.4101.42hr
43769VLCY TRL LOCAL17.1918.4901.30hr
43933VLCY AJJ LADIES LOCAL17.3919.1401.35hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST17.5919.1201.13hr
43771VLCY TRL LOCAL18.4420.2301.39hr
43773VLCY TRL LOCAL19.2421.0101.37hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019