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Lokmanyatilak (LTT) to Thane (TNA) Trains

from Lokmanyatilak to Thane
11043MADURAI EXPRESS00.1500.3400.19hr
12811HATIA EXPRESS00.1500.3200.17hr
12879LTT BBS SUP EXP00.1500.3200.17hr
22865LTT PURI SUP EX00.1500.3200.17hr
01037LTT PERN SPL01.1001.4300.33hr
22115LTT KRMI AC SUP01.1001.3300.23hr
01039LTT ZARAP SPL01.1001.4300.33hr
11067SAKET EXPRESS05.2305.3800.15hr
12165LTT BSB SUP EXP05.2305.3800.15hr
22129TULSI EXPRESS05.2305.3800.15hr
21067PBH RBL EXP05.2305.3800.15hr
01103LTT SWV SPL05.3305.5000.17hr
11085MAO DOUBLEDECKR05.3305.5000.17hr
01187RN DOUBLE DECKR05.3305.5000.17hr
15017GORAKHPUR EXP06.3506.5800.23hr
12519LTT KYQ AC EXP07.5008.0800.18hr
11055GODAN EXPRESS10.5511.1300.18hr
11059CHHAPRA EXPRESS10.5511.1300.18hr
01095LTT SWV SPL11.2011.4200.22hr
22127ANANDWAN EXPRESS11.3011.4800.18hr
11083TADOBA EXPRESS11.3011.4800.18hr
16345NETRAVATI EXP11.4012.0100.21hr
11075LTT BIDR EXPRESS12.0512.3100.26hr
11011LTT NANDED EXP12.0512.3100.26hr
11017LTT KARAIKAL EXP12.0512.3100.26hr
11061DARBHANGA EXP12.1512.3300.18hr
11071KAMAYANI EXPRESS12.4012.5800.18hr
01031LTT VLNK SPL13.2013.4000.20hr
22121LKO AC SUP EXP14.2014.4300.23hr
12117LTT MANMAD EXP15.0015.1800.18hr
12619MATSYAGANDHA EXP15.2015.4200.22hr
12107LUCKNOW SUP EXP16.2516.4300.18hr
12153HABIBGANJ EXP16.2516.4300.18hr
12161LASHKAR EXPRESS16.2516.4300.18hr
12173UDYOG NAGRI EXP16.2516.4300.18hr
11053LTT AZAMGARH EXP16.4016.5800.18hr
11201LTT AJNI EXPRESS16.4016.5800.18hr
12201KCVL GARIB RATH16.5517.1700.22hr
22113LTT KCVL EXPRESS16.5517.1700.22hr
15064LTT GKP EXPRESS17.5018.0300.13hr
17318LTT HUBLI EXP18.4519.0800.23hr
17322LTT HUBLI EXP21.1521.3800.23hr
18029LTT SHALIMAR EX22.0022.2200.22hr
11013COIMBATORE EXP22.3522.5300.18hr
11015KUSHINAGAR EXP22.4523.0300.18hr
12141LTT PPTA EXPRESS23.3523.5200.17hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Lokmanyatilak and Thane?
    There are 46 trains beween Lokmanyatilak and Thane.
  2. When does the first train leave from Lokmanyatilak?
    The first train from Lokmanyatilak to Thane is Lokmanyatilak Madurai Jn MADURAI EXPRESS (11043) departs at 00.15 and train runs on F.
  3. When does the last train leave from Lokmanyatilak?
    The first train from Lokmanyatilak to Thane is Lokmanyatilak Patliputra EXPRESS (12141) departs at 23.35 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Thane and its timing?
    The fastest train from Lokmanyatilak to Thane is Lokmanyatilak Gorakhpur EXPRESS (15064) departs at 17.50 and train runs on Tu. It covers the distance of 18km in 00.13 hrs.