from Lucknow to Ajgain
64201LKO CNB MEMU04.1004.5900.49hr
64203LKO CNB MEMU07.2008.0900.49hr
64235BBK CNB MEMU07.4508.3500.50hr
64205LKO CNB MEMU09.3510.2300.48hr
64207LKO CNB MEMU11.2012.0800.48hr
64209LKO CNB MEMU14.0014.5800.58hr
64211LKO CNB MEMU16.0016.5000.50hr
51814LKO JHS PASS16.3517.4801.13hr
64213LKO CNB MEMU20.2021.0900.49hr
from Lucknow Ne to Ajgain
55325LJN KSJ PASS04.3005.3501.05hr
64251LJN CNB MEMU05.3006.2100.51hr
64253LJN KAP MEMU15.1516.0700.52hr
64255LJN KAP MEMU18.3019.2200.52hr
64257LKO CNB MEMU22.1023.0200.52hr