from Magra to Nimo H
37781BDC BWN LOCAL03.5204.2800.36hr
37783BDC BWN LOCAL04.2705.0300.36hr
37811HWH BWN LOCAL05.2406.0000.36hr
37785BDC BWN LOCAL05.5206.2800.36hr
37813HWH BWN LOCAL06.0806.4400.36hr
37817HWH BWN LOCAL07.2508.1400.49hr
37819HWH BWN LOCAL08.0608.4200.36hr
37821HWH BWN LOCAL09.1409.5000.36hr
37823HWH BWN LOCAL10.0910.4500.36hr
37825HWH BWN LOCAL11.1711.5300.36hr
31151SDAH BWN LOCAL11.5312.2900.36hr
37827HWH BWN LOCAL12.3313.0900.36hr
37829HWH BWN LOCAL13.3914.1500.36hr
37831HWH BWN LOCAL15.2916.0500.36hr
37837HWH BWN FAST16.3417.1000.36hr
37839HWH BWN FAST17.4918.2500.36hr
37841HWH BWN FAST18.2719.0300.36hr
37845HWH BWN FAST19.1019.4600.36hr
37847HWH BWN FAST19.3920.1500.36hr
37851HWH BWN LOCAL20.1820.5400.36hr
37853HWH BWN FAST21.4122.1700.36hr
37855HWH BWN LOCAL21.5722.3300.36hr
37857HWH BWN LOCAL23.1723.5300.36hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019