from Mahalakshmi to Naigaon
91223CCG VR LOCAL00.1101.2201.11hr
91235CCG VR LOCAL00.3301.4201.09hr
91245CCG VR LOCAL01.0302.1301.10hr
90017CCG VR LOCAL04.2805.3701.09hr
90097CCG VR LOCAL06.2107.3301.12hr
90413CCG VIRAR LOCAL10.5212.0201.10hr
90489CCG VIRAR LOCAL11.5113.0201.11hr
90571CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.2114.3101.10hr
90609CCG VIRAR LOCAL14.0515.1601.11hr
90709CCG VIRAR LOCAL15.4916.5801.09hr
90873CCG VR LOCAL18.1819.2901.11hr
90883CCG VIRAR LADIES SPL18.2619.3701.11hr
91071CCG VR LOCAL20.5422.0401.10hr
91219CCG NSP LOCAL23.5701.0801.11hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019