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Mahim Jn (MM) to Masjid (MSD) Trains

from Mahim Jn to Masjid
98786ADH CSTM LOCAL00.0900.3200.23hr
98702ADH CSTM LOCAL00.4501.0700.22hr
98802BA CSTM LOCAL04.2104.4400.23hr
98804BA CSTM LOCAL04.4705.1000.23hr
98806BA CSTM LOCAL05.1605.3900.23hr
98704ADH CSTM LOCAL05.3405.5600.22hr
98808BA CSTM LOCAL05.4506.0800.23hr
98706ADH CSTM LOCAL06.0506.2800.23hr
98810BA CSTM LOCAL06.1306.3600.23hr
98708ADH CSTM LOCAL06.2106.4400.23hr
98710ADH CSTM LOCAL06.3406.5800.24hr
98812BA CSTM LOCAL06.4907.1300.24hr
98712ADH CSTM LOCAL07.0107.2400.23hr
98814BA CSTM LOCAL07.0907.3200.23hr
98714ADH CSTM LOCAL07.2107.4400.23hr
98816BA CSTM LOCAL07.3307.5600.23hr
98716ADH CSTM LOCAL07.4508.0800.23hr
98818BA CSTM LOCAL08.0308.2600.23hr
98718ADH CSTM LOCAL08.1508.3800.23hr
98820BA CSTM LOCAL08.3108.5400.23hr
98720ADH CSTM LOCAL08.4709.1000.23hr
98822BA CSTM LOCAL08.5509.1800.23hr
98824BA CSTM LOCAL09.1309.3700.24hr
98722ADH CSTM LOCAL09.2109.4400.23hr
98826BA CSTM LOCAL09.3109.5500.24hr
98724ADH CSTM LOCAL09.3910.0200.23hr
98828BA CSTM LOCAL09.5410.1700.23hr
98726GMN CSTM LOCAL10.1010.3300.23hr
98830BA CSTM LOCAL10.2110.4400.23hr
98728GMN CSTM LOCAL10.3510.5900.24hr
98832BA CSTM LOCAL10.4911.1200.23hr
98730GMN CSTM LOCAL11.0511.2800.23hr
98834BA CSTM LOCAL11.2111.4400.23hr
98732GMN CSTM LOCAL11.3311.5600.23hr
98836BA CSTM LOCAL11.4512.0800.23hr
98734GMN CSTM LOCAL11.5512.1800.23hr
91392GMN CSTM LOCAL12.0212.2500.23hr
98838BA CSTM LOCAL12.2012.4300.23hr
98736GMN CSTM LOCAL12.2612.5000.24hr
98840BA CSTM LOCAL12.4013.0300.23hr
98738GMN CSTM LOCAL12.5613.1900.23hr
98842BA CSTM LOCAL13.0313.2700.24hr
98740GMN CSTM LOCAL13.2213.4500.23hr
98844BA CSTM LOCAL13.2913.5200.23hr
91394GMN CSTM LOCAL13.4314.0500.22hr
98846BA CSTM LOCAL13.5314.1600.23hr
98742GMN CSTM LOCAL14.0714.3000.23hr
98848BA CSTM LOCAL14.2114.4400.23hr
98744GMN CSTM LOCAL14.3715.0000.23hr
98850BA CSTM LOCAL14.4915.1200.23hr
98746GMN CSTM LOCAL15.0515.2800.23hr
98852BA CSTM LOCAL15.1815.4100.23hr
98748GMN CSTM LOCAL15.3315.5600.23hr
98854BA CSTM LOCAL15.4516.0800.23hr
98750GMN CSTM LOCAL16.0416.2700.23hr
98856BA CSTM LOCAL16.1616.3900.23hr
98752GMN CSTM LOCAL16.2916.5200.23hr
98858BA CSTM LOCAL16.4517.0800.23hr
98754GMN CSTM LOCAL16.5717.2000.23hr
98860BA CSTM LOCAL17.1717.4000.23hr
98756GMN CSTM LOCAL17.2617.4900.23hr
98862BA CSTM LOCAL17.3718.0000.23hr
98758GMN CSTM LOCAL17.5318.1600.23hr
98864BA CSTM LOCAL18.1018.3300.23hr
98760GMN CSTM LOCAL18.2218.4500.23hr
98866BA CSTM LOCAL18.3819.0100.23hr
98762GMN CSTM LOCAL18.4619.0900.23hr
98868BA CSTM LOCAL19.0519.2800.23hr
98764GMN CSTM LOCAL19.1419.3700.23hr
98870BA CSTM LOCAL19.2519.4800.23hr
98766GMN CSTM LOCAL19.4620.0900.23hr
98768ADH CSTM LOCAL20.0220.2500.23hr
98872BA CSTM LOCAL20.0820.3100.23hr
91396GMN CSTM LOCAL20.1320.3500.22hr
98770ADH CSTM LOCAL20.1920.4300.24hr
98874BA CSTM LOCAL20.3520.5800.23hr
98772ADH CSTM LOCAL20.5121.1400.23hr
98876BA CSTM LOCAL21.0321.2600.23hr
98774ADH CSTM LOCAL21.1921.4200.23hr
98878BA CSTM LOCAL21.3421.5800.24hr
98776ADH CSTM LOCAL21.4522.0800.23hr
98880BA CSTM LOCAL22.0222.2500.23hr
98882BA CSTM LOCAL22.1422.3700.23hr
98778ADH CSTM LOCAL22.2222.4500.23hr
98884BA CSTM LOCAL22.4223.0500.23hr
98780ADH CSTM LOCAL22.5523.1800.23hr
98886BA CSTM LOCAL23.0723.3000.23hr
98782ADH CSTM LOCAL23.2123.4400.23hr
98888BA CSTM LOCAL23.3423.5700.23hr
98784ADH CSTM LOCAL23.4600.0900.23hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mahim Jn and Masjid?
    There are 90 trains beween Mahim Jn and Masjid.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mahim Jn?
    The first train from Mahim Jn to Masjid is Andheri Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98786) departs at 00.09 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mahim Jn?
    The first train from Mahim Jn to Masjid is Andheri Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98784) departs at 23.46 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Masjid and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mahim Jn to Masjid is Andheri Mumbai Cst LOCAL (98702) departs at 00.45 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 11km in 00.22 hrs.