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Malikpur (MAK) to Subhas Gram (SBGR) Trains

from Malikpur to Subhas Gram
34811DH SDAH LOCAL03.5904.0200.03hr
34711LKPR SDAH LOCAL04.0804.1000.02hr
34713LKPR SDAH LOCAL04.3804.4000.02hr
34813DH SDAH LOCAL04.5304.5500.02hr
34715LKPR SDAH LOCAL05.1305.1500.02hr
34815DH SDAH LOCAL05.3205.3400.02hr
34717LKPR SDAH LOCAL05.3805.4000.02hr
34611BRP SDAH LOCAL06.1606.1800.02hr
34817DH SDAH LOCAL06.2306.2500.02hr
34719LKPR SDAH LOCAL06.4106.4300.02hr
34819DH SDAH LOCAL06.5306.5500.02hr
34613BRP SDAH LOCAL07.0107.0300.02hr
34721LKPR SDAH LOCAL07.2207.2400.02hr
34615BRP SDAH LOCAL07.3807.4000.02hr
34821DH SDAH LOCAL07.4507.4700.02hr
34617BRP SDAH LOCAL08.0108.0300.02hr
34723LKPR SDAH LOCAL08.0708.0900.02hr
34619BRP SDAH LOCAL08.2508.2700.02hr
34823DH SDAH LOCAL08.3708.4100.04hr
34725LKPR SDAH LOCAL08.5308.5500.02hr
34621BRP SDAH LOCAL09.0109.0300.02hr
34825DH SDAH LOCAL09.2109.2300.02hr
34623BRP SDAH LOCAL09.2709.2900.02hr
34727LKPR SDAH LOCAL09.3209.3400.02hr
34601BRP SDAH LADIES SPL09.4509.4700.02hr
34625BRP SDAH LOCAL09.5309.5500.02hr
34827DH SDAH LOCAL10.0810.1000.02hr
34729LKPR SDAH LOCAL10.2110.2300.02hr
34627BRP SDAH LOCAL10.4310.4500.02hr
34831DH SDAH LOCAL11.0111.0300.02hr
34629BRP SDAH LOCAL11.1111.1300.02hr
34731LKPR SDAH LOCAL11.2711.3000.03hr
34881DH SPR LOCAL11.3711.3900.02hr
34833DH SDAH LOCAL11.5711.5900.02hr
34631BRP SDAH LOCAL12.1312.1500.02hr
34733LKPR SDAH LOCAL12.3412.3600.02hr
34835DH SDAH LOCAL12.5612.5800.02hr
34633BRP SDAH LOCAL13.2113.2300.02hr
34837DH SDAH LOCAL13.4413.4600.02hr
34735LKPR SDAH LOCAL14.0614.0800.02hr
34635BRP SDAH LOCAL14.4314.4500.02hr
34737LKPR SDAH LOCAL14.5414.5600.02hr
34839DH SDAH LOCAL15.0815.1100.03hr
30711LKPR MJT LOCAL15.3015.3200.02hr
34841DH SDAH LOCAL15.4715.4900.02hr
34739LKPR SDAH LOCAL16.0316.0500.02hr
34637BRP SDAH LOCAL16.1316.1500.02hr
34843DH SDAH LOCAL16.3416.3600.02hr
34845DH SDAH LOCAL17.0117.0300.02hr
34639BRP SDAH LOCAL17.1317.1500.02hr
34741LKPR SDAH LOCAL17.2117.2300.02hr
34859DH SDAH LOCAL17.5017.5200.02hr
34641BRP SDAH LOCAL18.0118.0300.02hr
34743LKPR SDAH LOCAL18.1018.1200.02hr
34847DH SDAH LOCAL18.2418.2600.02hr
34793NMKA SDAH LOCAL18.3418.3600.02hr
34643BRP SDAH LOCAL18.4518.4700.02hr
34745LKPR SDAH LOCAL19.0219.0400.02hr
34747LKPR SDAH LOCAL19.3419.3600.02hr
34645BRP SDAH LOCAL19.4619.4800.02hr
34849DH SDAH LOCAL20.0220.0400.02hr
34749LKPR SDAH LOCAL20.3020.3200.02hr
34647BRP SDAH LOCAL20.4320.4500.02hr
34851DH SDAH LOCAL21.0221.0400.02hr
34751LKPR SDAH LOCAL21.1021.1200.02hr
34311BRP SPR LOCAL21.1821.2000.02hr
34899MGT SDAH LOCAL21.2821.3000.02hr
34753LKPR SDAH LOCAL21.4421.4600.02hr
34853DH SDAH LOCAL21.5321.5500.02hr
34313BRP SPR LOCAL22.0322.0500.02hr
34855DH SDAH LOCAL22.3522.3700.02hr
34755LKPR SDAH LOCAL22.4622.4800.02hr
34857DH SDAH LOCAL23.0923.1100.02hr
34757LKPR SDAH LOCAL23.1923.2100.02hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Malikpur and Subhas Gram?
    There are 74 trains beween Malikpur and Subhas Gram.
  2. When does the first train leave from Malikpur?
    The first train from Malikpur to Subhas Gram is Diamond Harbour Sealdah LOCAL (34811) departs at 03.59 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Malikpur?
    The first train from Malikpur to Subhas Gram is Lakshmikantapur Sealdah LOCAL (34757) departs at 23.19 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Subhas Gram and its timing?
    The fastest train from Malikpur to Subhas Gram is Lakshmikantapur Sealdah LOCAL (34711) departs at 04.08 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 2km in 00.02 hrs.