from Malleswaram to Kyatsandra
56925SBC TK FAST PASS05.3606.2900.53hr
56917SBC SMET PASS06.3607.3901.03hr
56913SBC UBL PASS06.3607.3901.03hr
56519SBC CTA PASS07.5009.0801.18hr
56515SBC UBL PASS07.5109.0801.17hr
56221SBC TK PASS09.2710.3801.11hr
56225SBC TK PASS13.5815.0901.11hr
56227SBC SMET PASS16.3617.5001.14hr
56223SBC ASK PASS18.2519.3801.13hr
56911SBC UBL PASS22.2223.2901.07hr
56909HOSPET PASSR22.2323.2901.06hr
from Yasvantpur Jn to Kyatsandra
56278YPR CMGR PASS15.3016.2300.53hr

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