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Manduadih (MUV) to Satna (STA) Trains

from Manduadih to Satna
11034DBG PUNE EXP03.5510.5006.55hr
15559DBG ADI JANSADHARAN04.0010.5006.50hr
22132GYAN GANGA SF04.1510.5006.35hr
15117MUV JBP EXPRES08.2515.0506.40hr
15120MUV RMM EXP21.0003.4506.45hr
from Dd Upadhyaya Jn to Satna
07092RXL SC SPL00.3007.2506.55hr
05287BJU SC EXAM SPL00.5209.0008.08hr
01666AGTL HBJ SPL01.5807.2005.22hr
12150DNR PUNE EXP02.4908.1005.21hr
03255DNR SC EXAM SPECIAL03.0011.0008.00hr
17609PNBE PAU EXP03.0407.5004.46hr
22914BDTS HUMSAFAR03.0407.5004.46hr
22972PNBE BDTS SF EXP03.0707.5504.48hr
13201RJPB LTT EXP04.1912.1007.51hr
22912SHIPRA EXP05.0011.1506.15hr
15547JYG LTT JANSADHARAN EXP05.2910.5005.21hr
12361ASN CSTM EXPRESS05.2910.5005.21hr
12545KARMABHUMI EXP05.2910.5005.21hr
12321HWH MUMBAI MAIL08.3014.5006.20hr
12389GAYA MS EXPRESS08.5013.4504.55hr
05549DBG INDB EXAM SPL10.0018.0508.05hr
01712NJP JBP SPECIAL13.1019.2006.10hr
15563UDN ANTYODAYA EXPRESS13.4719.2005.33hr
19422PNBE ADI EXP14.0200.0510.03hr
12142PPTA LTT EXP14.4720.0505.18hr
12792SECUNDERABAD EX16.0223.4007.38hr
82355SUVIDHA TRAIN16.1221.5505.43hr
12520KYQ LTT AC EXP17.0422.1005.06hr
12335BGP LTT EXPRESS17.5223.0005.08hr
12742PNBE VSG EXPRES17.5223.0005.08hr
15646GHY LTT EXP17.5223.0005.08hr
15648GHY LTT EXPRESS17.5223.0005.08hr
22948BGP SURAT SF EXP18.0423.2505.21hr
13423BGP AII EXPRESS23.0604.0004.54hr
12296SANGHA MITRA EX23.2405.0005.36hr
12577BAGMATI EXPRESS23.4905.2005.31hr
22351PPTA YPR EXP23.4905.2005.31hr
from Varanasi Jn to Satna
12670GANGAKAVERI EXP01.2507.2005.55hr
19052BL SHRAMIK EXP02.2007.5005.30hr
15267JANSADHARAN EXP03.4510.5007.05hr
19058BSB UDN EXP05.2012.3007.10hr
20904MAHAMANA EXPRESS06.1012.3006.20hr
18609RNC LTT EXPRESS08.0015.0507.05hr
12168BSB LTT SUP EXP10.2515.3505.10hr
11094MAHANAGARI EXP11.2018.1506.55hr
15018GKP LTT EXP11.2019.5008.30hr
15159SARNATH EXPRESS12.3018.5506.25hr
11072KAMAYANI EXPRES15.5022.3506.45hr
19046TAPTI GANGA EXP17.3023.0005.30hr
11082GKP LTT EXP18.4000.4506.05hr
18202NTV DURG EXP18.5502.2007.25hr
12166BSB LTT SUP EXP20.2002.1805.58hr
16230BSB MYS EXP21.0503.1006.05hr
17324BSB UBL EXPRESS21.0503.1006.05hr
11038GKP PUNE EXPRESS21.1504.0006.45hr
16360PNBE ERS EXPRES21.1503.4506.30hr
11046DIKSHABHUMI EXP21.1503.4506.30hr
19064DNR UDHNA EXP21.1504.0006.45hr
15231BJU GONDIA EXP21.3504.2006.45hr
11062DBG LTT EXPRESS23.2506.1506.50hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Manduadih and Satna?
    There are 60 trains beween Manduadih and Satna.
  2. When does the first train leave from Manduadih?
    The first train from Manduadih to Satna is Raxaul Jn Secunderabad Jn SPECIAL (07092) departs at 00.30 and train runs on Sa.
  3. When does the last train leave from Manduadih?
    The first train from Manduadih to Satna is Patliputra Yasvantpur Jn EXPRESS (22351) departs at 23.49 and train runs on F.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Satna and its timing?
    The fastest train from Manduadih to Satna is Patna Jn Purna Jn EXPRESS (17609) departs at 03.04 and train runs on M. It covers the distance of 313km in 04.46 hrs.