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Manikpur Jn (MKP) to Varanasi Jn (BSB) Trains

from Manikpur Jn
19063DANAPUR EXPRESS02.42Varanasi Jn08.0505.23hr
01711JABALPUR NJP SPL03.37Dd Upadhyaya Jn08.1304.36hr
11107BUNDELKHAND EXP04.40Varanasi Jn10.5006.10hr
21107KURJ BSB LINK EX04.40Varanasi Jn10.5006.10hr
22947ST BHAGALPUR EX05.05Dd Upadhyaya Jn09.2804.23hr
19045TAPTI GANGA EXP05.05Varanasi Jn10.4005.35hr
11039MAHARASHTRA EXP05.55Varanasi Jn13.0007.05hr
15017GORAKHPUR EXP05.55Varanasi Jn12.5507.00hr
17323UBL BSB EXP06.17Varanasi Jn12.0005.43hr
18201DURG NTV EXP08.25Varanasi Jn14.1005.45hr
11061DARBHANGA EXP08.55Varanasi Jn13.5505.00hr
15160SARNATH EXPRESS10.00Varanasi Jn16.1506.15hr
11071KAMAYANI EXPRESS13.35Varanasi Jn19.2505.50hr
11037PUNE GKP EXP13.55Varanasi Jn19.4505.50hr
15232GONDIA BJU EXP14.17Varanasi Jn19.2505.08hr
11081LTT GKP EXPRESS14.40Varanasi Jn20.5006.10hr
12390MS GAYA EXPRESS14.42Dd Upadhyaya Jn18.3503.53hr
12176CHAMBAL EXPRESS14.55Dd Upadhyaya Jn20.0005.05hr
12178CHAMBAL EXPRESS14.55Dd Upadhyaya Jn20.0005.05hr
22911SHIPRA EXPRESS14.55Dd Upadhyaya Jn20.0005.05hr
12322KOLKATA MAIL18.05Dd Upadhyaya Jn23.1505.10hr
19421ADI PNBE EXPRESS19.47Varanasi Jn01.5006.03hr
19057UDN VARANASI EXP19.47Varanasi Jn01.1505.28hr
13202LTT RJPB EXP21.10Dd Upadhyaya Jn03.5306.43hr
11093MAHANAGARI EXP21.55Varanasi Jn04.4006.45hr
12167LTT BSB SUP EXP22.12Varanasi Jn03.4505.33hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Manikpur Jn and Varanasi Jn?
    There are 26 trains beween Manikpur Jn and Varanasi Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Manikpur Jn?
    The first train from Manikpur Jn to Varanasi Jn is Udhna Jn Danapur DANAPUR EXPRESS (19063) departs at 02.42 and train runs on W Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Manikpur Jn?
    The first train from Manikpur Jn to Varanasi Jn is Lokmanyatilak Varanasi Jn SUPERFAST EXPRESS (12167) departs at 22.12 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Varanasi Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Manikpur Jn to Varanasi Jn is Chennai Egmore Gaya Jn EXPRESS (12390) departs at 14.42 and train runs on W. It covers the distance of 236km in 03.53 hrs.