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Mankhurd (MNKD) to Khandeshwar (KNDS) Trains

from Mankhurd to Khandeshwar
98239CSTM PNVL LOCAL00.1000.4400.34hr
98241CSTM PNVL LOCAL00.3201.0600.34hr
98001CSTM PNVL LOCAL00.5301.2700.34hr
98003CSTM PNVL LOCAL01.0401.3800.34hr
98005CSTM PNVL LOCAL01.2001.5400.34hr
98007CSTM PNVL LOCAL05.1205.4600.34hr
98009CSTM PNVL LOCAL05.2806.0200.34hr
98011CSTM PNVL LOCAL05.3206.0600.34hr
98013CSTM PNVL LOCAL05.4606.2100.35hr
98015CSTM PNVL LOCAL05.5806.3200.34hr
98019CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.1006.4400.34hr
98021VDLR PNVL LOCAL06.1406.4800.34hr
98023CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.2506.5900.34hr
98025CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.3607.1000.34hr
98027CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.4007.1400.34hr
98029CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.4807.2200.34hr
98031CSTM PNVL LOCAL06.5607.3000.34hr
98033CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.0407.3800.34hr
98035VDLR PNVL LOCAL07.0807.4200.34hr
98037CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.2007.5500.35hr
98039CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.3508.0900.34hr
98041CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.3908.1300.34hr
98043CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.4908.2300.34hr
98045CSTM PNVL LOCAL07.5708.3100.34hr
98243VDLR PNVL LOCAL08.0108.3500.34hr
98047CSTM PNVL LOCAL08.0808.4200.34hr
98049CSTM PNVL LOCAL08.2008.5400.34hr
98902ADH PNVL LOCAL08.3209.0600.34hr
98051CSTM PNVL LOCAL08.4109.1500.34hr
98053CSTM PNVL LOCAL08.4909.2300.34hr
98055VDLR PNVL LOCAL08.5609.3100.35hr
98057CSTM PNVL LOCAL09.0409.3900.35hr
98059CSTM PNVL LOCAL09.1409.4800.34hr
98061VDLR PNVL LOCAL09.3010.0400.34hr
98063CSTM PNVL LOCAL09.3410.0800.34hr
98904ADH PNVL LOCAL09.4210.1600.34hr
98065CSTM PNVL LOCAL09.4610.2000.34hr
98067CSTM PNVL LOCAL09.5810.3300.35hr
98069CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.1010.4400.34hr
98071CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.2410.5800.34hr
98073CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.3211.0600.34hr
98906ADH PNVL LOCAL10.3611.1000.34hr
98075CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.4411.1800.34hr
98077CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.5011.2400.34hr
98079CSTM PNVL LOCAL10.5811.3200.34hr
98245VDLR PNVL LOCAL11.0211.3600.34hr
98081CSTM PNVL LOCAL11.1411.4800.34hr
98083CSTM PNVL LOCAL11.2211.5600.34hr
98085CSTM PNVL LOCAL11.3212.0600.34hr
98087CSTM PNVL LOCAL11.4812.2200.34hr
98089CSTM PNVL LOCAL11.5212.2600.34hr
98091CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.0412.3800.34hr
98093CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.2012.5500.35hr
98095CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.3213.0700.35hr
98097CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.3613.1100.35hr
98099CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.4513.2000.35hr
98101VDLR PNVL LOCAL12.5313.2700.34hr
98103CSTM PNVL LOCAL12.5713.3100.34hr
98105CSTM PNVL LOCAL13.1013.4500.35hr
98908ADH PNVL LOCAL13.2313.5800.35hr
98107CSTM PNVL LOCAL13.3114.0600.35hr
98109VDLR PNVL LOCAL13.3914.1400.35hr
98111CSTM PNVL LOCAL13.4314.1700.34hr
98113CSTM PNVL LOCAL13.5514.2900.34hr
98115CSTM PNVL LOCAL13.5914.3300.34hr
98117CSTM PNVL LOCAL14.1114.4500.34hr
98119VDLR PNVL LOCAL14.2014.5500.35hr
98121CSTM PNVL LOCAL14.2915.0400.35hr
98123CSTM PNVL LOCAL14.3615.1100.35hr
98125CSTM PNVL LOCAL14.5215.2700.35hr
98127CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.0015.3400.34hr
98129CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.1415.4800.34hr
98131CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.2215.5600.34hr
98133CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.2816.0200.34hr
98135CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.3616.1000.34hr
98137VDLR PNVL LOCAL15.4416.1800.34hr
98139CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.4816.2200.34hr
98141CSTM PNVL LOCAL15.5616.3000.34hr
98143CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.0416.3800.34hr
98145CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.0816.4200.34hr
98147CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.1916.5300.34hr
98149CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.2416.5800.34hr
98151CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.4017.1400.34hr
98153CSTM PNVL LOCAL16.4817.2200.34hr
98155VDLR PNVL LOCAL16.5617.3000.34hr
98157CSTM PNVL LOCAL17.0317.3800.35hr
98159CSTM PNVL LOCAL17.1517.4900.34hr
98247VDLR PNVL LOCAL17.2317.5700.34hr
98161CSTM PNVL LOCAL17.3118.0500.34hr
98163VDLR PNVL LOCAL17.3618.1300.37hr
98165CSTM PNVL LOCAL17.4418.2100.37hr
98167VDLR PNVL LOCAL17.5218.2600.34hr
98169CSTM PNVL LOCAL18.0018.3400.34hr
98171CSTM PNVL LOCAL18.1318.4600.33hr
98173VDLR PNVL LOCAL18.1718.5100.34hr
98175CSTM PNVL LOCAL18.2518.5900.34hr
98177CSTM PNVL LOCAL18.3819.1200.34hr
98179CSTM PNVL LADIES SPL18.4819.2400.36hr
98181CSTM PNVL LOCAL18.5219.2800.36hr
98183CSTM PNVL LOCAL19.0619.4000.34hr
98910ADH PNVL LOCAL19.1019.4400.34hr
98185CSTM PNVL LOCAL19.2219.5600.34hr
98912ADH PNVL LOCAL19.3320.0700.34hr
98187CSTM PNVL LOCAL19.3720.1100.34hr
98189CSTM PNVL LOCAL19.4520.1900.34hr
98191VDLR PNVL LOCAL19.4920.2300.34hr
98193CSTM PNVL LOCAL19.5720.3100.34hr
98914ADH PNVL LOCAL20.0620.4000.34hr
98195CSTM PNVL LOCAL20.1420.4900.35hr
98197VDLR PANVEL LOCAL20.2320.5700.34hr
98199CSTM PNVL LOCAL20.3221.0600.34hr
98201VDLR PNVL LOCAL20.3721.1100.34hr
98203CSTM PNVL LOCAL20.4521.1900.34hr
98205VDLR PNVL LOCAL20.5021.2400.34hr
98207CSTM PNVL LOCAL20.5821.3200.34hr
98209CSTM PNVL LOCAL21.1221.4600.34hr
98916ADH PNVL LOCAL21.1621.5000.34hr
98211CSTM PNVL LOCAL21.2922.0300.34hr
98213VDLR PNVL LOCAL21.3322.0700.34hr
98215CSTM PNVL LOCAL21.4222.1600.34hr
98217CSTM PNVL LOCAL21.5422.2800.34hr
98219VDLR PNVL LOCAL22.0222.3600.34hr
98221CSTM PNVL LOCAL22.1022.4400.34hr
98918ADH PNVL LOCAL22.1422.4800.34hr
98223CSTM PNVL LOCAL22.2222.5600.34hr
98225CSTM PNVL LOCAL22.3423.0800.34hr
98227CSTM PNVL LOCAL22.4623.2000.34hr
98229CSTM PNVL LOCAL23.0023.3400.34hr
98231CSTM PNVL LOCAL23.1323.4700.34hr
98233CSTM PNVL LOCAL23.3000.0400.34hr
98235CSTM PNVL LOCAL23.3800.1200.34hr
98237CSTM PNVL LOCAL23.5400.2800.34hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mankhurd and Khandeshwar?
    There are 132 trains beween Mankhurd and Khandeshwar.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mankhurd?
    The first train from Mankhurd to Khandeshwar is Mumbai Cst Panvel LOCAL (98239) departs at 00.10 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mankhurd?
    The first train from Mankhurd to Khandeshwar is Mumbai Cst Panvel LOCAL (98237) departs at 23.54 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Khandeshwar and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mankhurd to Khandeshwar is Mumbai Cst Panvel LOCAL (98171) departs at 18.13 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 25km in 00.33 hrs.