from Manpur Jn to Kiul Jn
53624GAYA JAJ PASS05.1510.2505.10hr
53404GAYA JMP PASS06.3111.2504.54hr
53626GAYA KIUL PASS07.3412.2004.46hr
53628GAYA KIUL PASS11.2817.0005.32hr
53616GAYA JMP PASS15.1019.0003.50hr
53630GAYA KIUL PASS19.1223.5004.38hr
53632GAYA KIUL PASS21.0701.3004.23hr
from Gaya Jn to Kiul Jn
07005HYB RXL SPL05.4008.4003.00hr
07007SC DBG SPL05.4008.4003.00hr
07009SC BJU SPL05.4008.4003.00hr
13024GAYA HWH EXPRESS12.2015.4003.20hr
15619GAYA KYQ WKLY EX12.5516.0703.12hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019