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Marine Lines (MEL) to Nalla Sopara (NSP) Trains

from Marine Lines to Nalla Sopara
91223CCG VR LOCAL00.0101.3201.31hr
91235CCG VR LOCAL00.2301.5201.29hr
91245CCG VR LOCAL00.5302.2301.30hr
90017CCG VR LOCAL04.1805.4701.29hr
90029CCG VIRAR FAST04.4305.5501.12hr
90045CCG VR FAST05.1006.2401.14hr
90051CCG VR FAST05.1806.2901.11hr
90063CCG VR FAST05.3106.4201.11hr
90067CCG VR FAST05.3506.4701.12hr
90081CCG VIRAR FAST05.5507.1301.18hr
90095CCG VR FAST06.1107.2301.12hr
90097CCG VR LOCAL06.1107.4301.32hr
90107CCG VR FAST06.2407.3501.11hr
90125CCG VR FAST06.4007.5301.13hr
90139CCG VR FAST06.5608.0801.12hr
90147CCG VR FAST07.0608.1701.11hr
90171CCG VR FAST07.2808.4401.16hr
90187CCG VR FAST07.3908.5201.13hr
90197CCG VR FAST07.4809.0201.14hr
90209CCG VR FAST07.5809.0801.10hr
90243CCG VR FAST08.2909.4301.14hr
90249CCG VR FAST08.3609.4901.13hr
94003CCG VR A/C FAST08.5710.0601.09hr
90287CCG VR FAST09.0610.1701.11hr
90301CCG VR FAST09.1310.2601.13hr
90319CCG VR FAST09.3010.4201.12hr
90333CCG VR FAST09.3910.5201.13hr
90385CCG VR FAST10.1811.3601.18hr
90399CCG VR FAST10.3211.4301.11hr
90413CCG VIRAR LOCAL10.4212.1201.30hr
90423CCG VR FAST10.5012.0301.13hr
90435CCG VR FAST11.0312.1301.10hr
90439CCG VR FAST11.0612.1801.12hr
90451CCG VR FAST11.1512.2701.12hr
90461CCG VR FAST11.2112.3401.13hr
90489CCG VIRAR LOCAL11.4113.1201.31hr
90525CCG VR FAST12.1913.3201.13hr
90541CCG VR FAST12.3713.4801.11hr
90549CCG VR FAST12.4613.5901.13hr
90571CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.1114.4101.30hr
90601CCG VR FAST13.4614.5701.11hr
90609CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.5515.2601.31hr
90611CCG VR FAST13.5815.0801.10hr
90621CCG VR FAST14.0715.2201.15hr
90641CCG VR FAST14.2715.4101.14hr
90645CCG VR FAST14.3315.4701.14hr
90659CCG VR FAST14.5316.0501.12hr
94007CCG VR A/C FAST14.5816.0701.09hr
90673CCG VR FAST15.0516.1701.12hr
90691CCG VR FAST15.2116.3201.11hr
90709CCG VIRAR LOCAL15.3917.0801.29hr
90711CCG VR FAST15.4316.5501.12hr
90731CCG VR FAST15.5917.0801.09hr
90775CCG VIRAR FAST16.4517.5901.14hr
90789CCG VR FAST16.5818.1201.14hr
90809CCG VR FAST17.2218.2901.07hr
90863CCG VR FAST17.5819.1001.12hr
90873CCG VR LOCAL18.0819.3901.31hr
90879CCG VR FAST18.1419.3001.16hr
90883CCG VIRAR LADIES SPL18.1619.4801.32hr
90897CCG VR FAST18.2519.4401.19hr
90911CCG VR FAST18.3919.5701.18hr
90937CCG VR FAST18.5520.1001.15hr
90943CCG VR FAST19.0120.1401.13hr
90981CCG VR FAST19.3620.4701.11hr
90991CCG VR LADIES FAST19.4320.5901.16hr
94011CCG VR A/C FAST19.5221.0701.15hr
91015CCG VR FAST19.5921.1401.15hr
91045CCG VR FAST20.2721.3801.11hr
91067CCG VIRAR FAST20.4121.5301.12hr
91071CCG VR LOCAL20.4422.1401.30hr
91077CCG VR FAST20.5522.0501.10hr
91111CCG VR FAST21.2522.3701.12hr
91117CCG VIRAR FAST21.3322.4701.14hr
91139CCG VR FAST21.5123.0601.15hr
91153CCG VR FAST22.0023.1501.15hr
91155CCG VR FAST22.0423.1901.15hr
91167CCG VR FAST22.2123.3101.10hr
91177CCG VIRAR FAST22.3323.4901.16hr
91195CCG VIRAR FAST22.5900.1701.18hr
91211CCG VIRAR FAST23.2800.4801.20hr
91215CCG VIRAR FAST23.4000.5701.17hr
91219CCG NSP LOCAL23.4701.2001.33hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Marine Lines and Nalla Sopara?
    There are 83 trains beween Marine Lines and Nalla Sopara.
  2. When does the first train leave from Marine Lines?
    The first train from Marine Lines to Nalla Sopara is Churchgate Virar LOCAL (91223) departs at 00.01 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Marine Lines?
    The first train from Marine Lines to Nalla Sopara is Churchgate Nalla Sopara LOCAL (91219) departs at 23.47 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Nalla Sopara and its timing?
    The fastest train from Marine Lines to Nalla Sopara is Churchgate Virar FAST (90809) departs at 17.22 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 55km in 01.07 hrs.