from Midnapore to Fuleswar
58014BKSC HWH PAS01.0003.0802.08hr
58012CKP HWH PAS01.0003.0802.08hr
38802MDN HWH LOCAL04.0506.1202.07hr
38804MDN HWH LOCAL05.4207.5202.10hr
38810MDN HWH LOCAL07.4509.5602.11hr
38812MDN HWH LOCAL09.1011.2402.14hr
38814MDN HWH LOCAL11.0013.1102.11hr
38816MDN HWH LOCAL11.4714.1402.27hr
38818MDN HWH LOCAL13.0215.1202.10hr
38820MDN HWH LOCAL14.2016.3502.15hr
38822MDN HWH LOCAL15.3017.4202.12hr
38824MDN HWH LOCAL16.0018.1502.15hr
38826MDN HWH LOCAL17.5020.1102.21hr
38828MDN HWH LOCAL19.1021.2202.12hr
38830MDN HWH LOCAL20.5223.0402.12hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019