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Mira Road (MIRA) to Kandivli (KILE) Trains

from Mira Road to Kandivli
91168VIRAR CCG S FAST00.0100.1300.12hr
91172VIRAR BA LOCAL00.1300.2500.12hr
91182VIRAR CCG LOCAL00.3100.4200.11hr
90006VIRAR CCG LOCAL03.5104.0200.11hr
90018BYR CCG LOCAL04.1004.2400.14hr
90022VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.1904.3200.13hr
90032VIRAR ADH LOCAL04.3704.4900.12hr
90040BYR CCG SEMI FAST04.4504.5700.12hr
90042VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.4905.0000.11hr
90046BYR CCG LOCAL04.5505.0900.14hr
90050NSP CCG S FAST05.0405.1700.13hr
90052BYR CCG LOCAL05.0805.2000.12hr
90058BYR CCG LOCAL05.1605.2900.13hr
90064NSP BA LOCAL05.2805.4000.12hr
90066BYR CCG LOCAL05.3205.4400.12hr
90074VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.4405.5600.12hr
90072BYR CCG LOCAL05.4405.5500.11hr
90080NSP BA LOCAL05.5406.0700.13hr
90084VIRAR ADH LOCAL06.0106.1300.12hr
90102VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.1906.3000.11hr
90144NSP CCG LOCAL06.5407.0700.13hr
90156VR CCG LOCAL07.0807.2000.12hr
90158VR CCG LOCAL07.1207.2300.11hr
90196VIRAR ADH LOCAL07.4107.5400.13hr
90208VIRAR BA LOCAL07.5208.0300.11hr
90222VIRAR CCG LADIES SPL08.0208.1400.12hr
90240VIRAR BA LOCAL08.1508.2600.11hr
90274VIRAR ADH LOCAL08.4108.5400.13hr
90310BYR CCG LADIES SPL09.1109.2500.14hr
90324BSR ADH LOCAL09.2609.3600.10hr
90400BYR CCG SEMI FAST10.1810.3100.13hr
90412VIRAR ADH LOCAL10.2910.4200.13hr
90438VIRAR BA LOCAL11.0111.1300.12hr
90454BSR ADH LOCAL11.1411.3000.16hr
90474VIRAR ADH LOCAL11.4111.5400.13hr
90480VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.4912.0100.12hr
90490VR ADH LOCAL11.5812.0900.11hr
90506VIRAR ADH LOCAL12.1512.2800.13hr
90522VIRAR ADH LOCAL12.3212.4400.12hr
90540VIRAR CCG LOCAL12.5213.0700.15hr
90558VR ADH LOCAL13.1713.3000.13hr
90578VR ADH LOCAL13.3413.4700.13hr
90618VIRAR ADH LOCAL14.1614.2700.11hr
90642VIRAR BA LOCAL14.4614.5700.11hr
90666VR ADH LOCAL15.1915.3300.14hr
90680BYR ADH LOCAL15.3515.4800.13hr
90694VIRAR ADH LOCAL15.4316.0000.17hr
90724BSR ADH LOCAL16.1616.3000.14hr
90738NSP BA LOCAL16.3016.4200.12hr
90748VIRAR ADH LOCAL16.3816.5000.12hr
90770BSR CCG LOCAL16.5917.1200.13hr
90790VIRAR ADH LOCAL17.1217.2400.12hr
90822VR ADH LOCAL17.4517.5900.14hr
90854NSP ADH LOCAL18.1718.2900.12hr
90882VIRAR CCG LOCAL18.3118.4600.15hr
90916VIRAR BA LOCAL19.0019.1300.13hr
90954VIRAR ADH LOCAL19.3819.5000.12hr
90972BSR ADH LOCAL19.5520.0900.14hr
91032VIRAR ADH LOCAL20.4921.0300.14hr
91048VIRAR ADH LOCAL21.0921.2100.12hr
91090VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.5922.1100.12hr
91094VR CCG SEMI FAST22.0522.1700.12hr
91112VIRAR CCG S FAST22.3122.4200.11hr
91118VIRAR CCG S FAST22.4022.5200.12hr
91132VIRAR ADH LOCAL23.0123.1300.12hr
91152VR CCG SEMI FAST23.2523.3700.12hr
91160VIRAR CCG S FAST23.4223.5300.11hr
91164VIRAR ADH LOCAL23.4700.0000.13hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mira Road and Kandivli?
    There are 68 trains beween Mira Road and Kandivli.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mira Road?
    The first train from Mira Road to Kandivli is Virar Churchgate VIRAR SEMI FAST (91168) departs at 00.01 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mira Road?
    The first train from Mira Road to Kandivli is Virar Andheri VIRAR LOCAL (91164) departs at 23.47 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kandivli and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mira Road to Kandivli is Vasai Road Andheri LOCAL (90324) departs at 09.26 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 8km in 00.10 hrs.