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Moradabad (MB) to Sahibabad (SBB) Trains

from Moradabad
15014RANIKHET EXP00.35Sahibabad03.1002.35hr
25014CORBET PRK LINK00.35Sahibabad03.1002.35hr
14007SADBHAVANA EXP00.55Ghaziabad03.2202.27hr
14013SLN ANVT EXP00.55Ghaziabad03.2202.27hr
14015SADBHAVANA EXP00.55Ghaziabad03.2202.27hr
14017SADBHAVANA EXP00.55Ghaziabad03.2202.27hr
14205FD DLI EXP01.23Ghaziabad03.3802.15hr
12391SHRAMJEEVI EXP01.40Ghaziabad03.5402.14hr
14257K V EXP02.10Ghaziabad04.5402.44hr
14207PADMAVAT EXPRES03.20Ghaziabad05.4102.21hr
12229LUCKNOW MAIL03.38Ghaziabad06.0102.23hr
15273SATYAGRAH EXP04.15Sahibabad08.3004.15hr
12429LKO NDLS AC SF04.35Ghaziabad06.4702.12hr
22417MAHAMANA EXP05.02Ghaziabad07.2002.18hr
22419SUHAILDEV SF EXP05.02Ghaziabad07.2002.18hr
64553MB ANVT MEMU05.10Sahibabad08.4903.39hr
14649SARYU YAMUNA EXP06.18Ghaziabad09.1302.55hr
14673SHAHEED EXPRESS06.18Ghaziabad09.1302.55hr
15624KYQ BGKT EXPRESS06.30Ghaziabad08.5502.25hr
12371HWH JSM EXP06.30Ghaziabad08.5502.25hr
14315INTERCITY EXP06.45Sahibabad09.4102.56hr
15057GKP ANVT EXP07.43Ghaziabad10.0802.25hr
15059ANVT INTERCITY07.43Ghaziabad10.0802.25hr
13119SDAH ANVT EXP07.58Ghaziabad10.2702.29hr
15115LOK NAYAK EXP08.03Ghaziabad10.2702.24hr
14311ALA HAZRAT EXP08.23Ghaziabad10.5002.27hr
14321BE BHUJ EXP08.33Ghaziabad10.5002.17hr
15279POORBIYA EXP08.50Ghaziabad11.1102.21hr
12523NJP NDLS EXPRESS08.50Ghaziabad11.1102.21hr
12583ANVT DOUBLE DKR10.08Ghaziabad12.2302.15hr
13429MLDT ANVT EXP11.28Ghaziabad13.4602.18hr
14003MLDT NDLS EXPRES11.28Ghaziabad13.4602.18hr
15036UTR SAMPRK K EX12.25Ghaziabad14.4102.16hr
25036RMR DLI LINK EX12.25Ghaziabad14.4102.16hr
15909ABADH ASSAM EXP12.25Ghaziabad15.0802.43hr
14009CHAMPRN SATYGRH15.15Ghaziabad17.4302.28hr
15529SHC ANVT JANSADHARAN15.15Ghaziabad17.4302.28hr
15621KYQ ANVT EXPRESS15.15Ghaziabad17.4302.28hr
54055MB DLI PASS16.00Sahibabad20.0804.08hr
14555BAREILLY DLI EX17.38Sahibabad20.5803.20hr
12039KGM NDLS SHT18.17Ghaziabad20.2302.06hr
54307MB DLI PASS18.30Sahibabad22.4604.16hr
11112GWL SUSHASAN EXP21.48Ghaziabad00.0302.15hr
54075SPC DELHI PASS22.25Sahibabad02.4604.21hr
54077BE DLI PSNGR22.25Ghaziabad02.3504.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Moradabad and Sahibabad?
    There are 45 trains beween Moradabad and Sahibabad.
  2. When does the first train leave from Moradabad?
    The first train from Moradabad to Sahibabad is Kathgodam Jaisalmer RANIKHET EXPRESS (15014) departs at 00.35 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Moradabad?
    The first train from Moradabad to Sahibabad is Bareilly Delhi PASSENGER (54077) departs at 22.25 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Sahibabad and its timing?
    The fastest train from Moradabad to Sahibabad is Kathgodam New Delhi SHATABDI (12039) departs at 18.17 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 141km in 02.06 hrs.