from C Shivaji Maharaj T to Atgaon
96401CSTM KSRA LOCAL00.1502.2402.09hr
96403CSTM KSRA LOCAL04.1506.2702.12hr
96405CSTM KSRA LOCAL05.0007.0902.09hr
51153CSTM BSL PASS05.2508.1902.54hr
95401CSTM KSRA FAST06.5508.4201.47hr
95403CSTM KSRA FAST08.3310.1701.44hr
95405CSTM KSRA FAST09.4111.2501.44hr
95407CSTM KSRA FAST10.1612.0101.45hr
95409CSTM KSRA FAST11.4613.2901.43hr
95411CSTM KSRA SEMI FAST12.3314.1801.45hr
95413CSTM KSRA FAST14.2516.0501.40hr
95415CSTM KSRA FAST15.4017.3401.54hr
95417CSTM KSRA FAST16.5218.4901.57hr
95419CSTM KSRA FAST18.2520.1001.45hr
95421CSTM KSRA FAST19.1821.0301.45hr
95423CSTM KSRA FAST20.5022.3601.46hr
96409CSTM KSRA LOCAL21.3223.4302.11hr
95425CSTM KSRA FAST22.5000.4901.59hr
from Thane to Atgaon
96407TNA KSRA LOCAL14.0415.1901.15hr

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