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Mumbai Central (BCT) to Karjat (KJT) Trains

from C Shivaji Maharaj T to Karjat
96101CSTM KJT LOCAL00.2502.4502.20hr
96003CSTM KHPI LOCAL04.2406.4202.18hr
96107CSTM KJT LOCAL04.4807.0802.20hr
96109CSTM KJT LOCAL05.2007.3902.19hr
22105INDRAYANI EXP05.4007.1301.33hr
95101CSTM KJT FAST06.1008.0501.55hr
95103CSTM KJT FAST06.5008.4301.53hr
11007DECCAN EXPRESS07.0008.4301.43hr
95001CSTM KHPI FAST07.3009.2101.51hr
95105CSTM KJT FAST08.1610.0901.53hr
11029KOYNA EXPRESS08.4010.1501.35hr
95107CSTM KJT FAST09.0110.5101.50hr
95109CSTM KJT FAST09.3811.2801.50hr
95111CSTM KJT FAST10.3612.3001.54hr
95113CSTM KJT FAST11.1513.0601.51hr
16331TRIVANDRAM EXP12.1013.4801.38hr
16339NAGARCOIL EXP12.1013.4801.38hr
16351NAGARCOIL EXP12.1013.4801.38hr
95003CSTM KHPI FAST12.2014.1401.54hr
17031HYDERABAD EXP12.4514.1801.33hr
95115CSTM KJT FAST13.1315.0501.52hr
95117CSTM KJT FAST13.4015.3001.50hr
11041CSMT CHENNAI EX14.0015.4301.43hr
11009SINHAGAD EXP14.3016.0801.38hr
95119CSTM KJT FAST14.5416.4401.50hr
11019KONARK EXPRESS15.1016.4801.38hr
95005CSTM KHPI FAST15.2217.1101.49hr
16381KANYAKUMARI EXP15.4517.1801.33hr
95121CSTM KJT FAST15.5317.4501.52hr
12125PRAGATI EXPRESS16.2518.0701.42hr
95123CSTM KJT FAST16.3018.2101.51hr
12123DECCAN QUEEN17.1018.3301.23hr
95007CSTM KHPI FAST17.3319.2701.54hr
11023SAHYADRI EXPRES17.5019.2801.38hr
95125CSTM KJT FAST18.2120.1201.51hr
95127CSTM KJT FAST18.5720.5301.56hr
95129CSTM KJT FAST19.5021.4501.55hr
17411MAHALAXMI EXP20.2022.0701.47hr
95009CSTM KHPI FAST20.4622.3901.53hr
22143CSMT BIDAR EXP21.0022.3801.38hr
22107CSMT LATUR EXP21.0022.3801.38hr
11139CSMT GADAG EXP21.2023.0801.48hr
95131CSTM KJT FAST21.2623.1901.53hr
95011CSTM KHPI FAST21.5823.5201.54hr
96019CSTM KHPI LOCAL22.2800.4802.20hr
12115SIDDHESHWAR EXP22.4500.2801.43hr
51027FAST PASSENGER22.5500.5001.55hr
51029BJP FAST PASS22.5500.5001.55hr
51033SHIRDI FAST PASS22.5500.5301.58hr
95013CSTM KHPI FAST23.1801.0901.51hr
96119CSTM KJT LOCAL23.3001.4802.18hr
11027CHENNAI MAIL23.4501.2301.38hr
from Panvel to Karjat
19312INDB PUNE EXP08.1008.5500.45hr
11025BSL PUNE EXP09.0509.5500.50hr
from Dadar to Karjat
11035SHARAVATHI EXP21.3022.5301.23hr
11005PUDUCHERRY EXP21.3022.5301.23hr
11021TIRUNELVELI EXP21.3022.5301.23hr
from Lokmanyatilak to Karjat
11043MADURAI EXPRESS00.1501.4301.28hr
from Vasai Road to Karjat
11087VERAVAL PUNE EXP00.3002.1801.48hr
11089BGKTPUNE EXPRESS00.3002.1801.48hr
11091BHUJ PUNE EXP00.3002.1801.48hr
11095AHIMSA EXPRESS00.3002.1801.48hr
11049KOLHAPUR EXPRESS03.4005.2801.48hr
22944IND PUNE EXPRES04.2005.5801.38hr
16613COIMBATORE EXP18.3020.2801.58hr
17017RJT SC EXPRESS18.3020.2801.58hr
19202PBR SC EXPRESS18.3020.2801.58hr
16209AII MYS EXPRESS23.4501.5802.13hr
16505GIMB SBC EXPRESS23.4501.5802.13hr
16507JU SBC EXP23.4501.5802.13hr
16531SBC GARIB NAWAJ23.4501.5802.13hr
from Thane to Karjat
96103TNA KJT LOCAL05.0006.2401.24hr
96105TNA KJT LOCAL05.2806.5201.24hr
96111TNA KJT LOCAL10.4812.1301.25hr
96113TNA KJT LOCAL12.0513.3101.26hr
96115TNA KJT LOCAL17.4819.1401.26hr
96117TNA KJT LOCAL20.0321.3001.27hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mumbai Central and Karjat?
    There are 77 trains beween Mumbai Central and Karjat.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Karjat is Lokmanyatilak Madurai Jn MADURAI EXPRESS (11043) departs at 00.15 and train runs on F.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Karjat is Ajmer Jn Ksr Bengaluru GARIB NAWAJ (16531) departs at 23.45 and train runs on M.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Karjat and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mumbai Central to Karjat is Indore Jn Bg Pune Jn EXPRESS (19312) departs at 08.10 and train runs on W Su. It covers the distance of 28km in 00.45 hrs.