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Mumbai Central (BCT) to Nagpur (NGP) Trains

from C Shivaji Maharaj T
01011CSMT NGP SPL00.20Nagpur14.4514.25hr
12859GITANJALI EXP06.00Nagpur18.5512.55hr
01123CSMT SRC SUP SPL11.05Nagpur02.1515.10hr
12869CSMT HOWRAH EXP11.05Nagpur01.3514.30hr
12139SEVAGRAM EXP15.00Nagpur06.1015.10hr
11401NANDIGRAM EXP16.35Nagpur16.1523.40hr
12261HOWRAH DURONTO17.15Nagpur04.0510.50hr
12105VIDARBHA EXPRESS19.05Nagpur08.5513.50hr
12289CSMT NGP DURONTO20.15Nagpur07.2011.05hr
12809HOWRAH MAIL20.35Nagpur11.1514.40hr
02031CSMT NGP SUP SPL23.55Nagpur13.3013.35hr
from Panvel
02821PUNE SRC SF SPL13.05Nagpur01.2012.15hr
from Lokmanyatilak
12811HATIA EXPRESS00.15Nagpur13.4013.25hr
12879LTT BBS SUP EXP00.15Nagpur13.4013.25hr
22865LTT PURI SUP EX00.15Nagpur13.4013.25hr
22848LTT VSKP SUP EXP00.15Nagpur13.4013.25hr
22511KARMABHOOMI EXP11.30Nagpur01.3514.05hr
22885ANTYODAYA EXP13.20Nagpur01.2012.00hr
11201LTT AJNI EXPRESS16.40Ajni14.1521.35hr
12101JNANESWARI DELX20.35Nagpur09.5013.15hr
12145LTT PURI SUP EX20.35Nagpur10.5514.20hr
12151SAMARSATA EXP20.35Nagpur10.5014.15hr
18029LTT SHALIMAR EX22.00Nagpur13.1015.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mumbai Central and Nagpur?
    There are 23 trains beween Mumbai Central and Nagpur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Nagpur is Lokmanyatilak Hatia HATIA EXPRESS (12811) departs at 00.15 and train runs on M Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Nagpur is CSMT NGP SUP SPL (02031) departs at 23.55 and train runs on Th.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Nagpur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mumbai Central to Nagpur is Mumbai Cst Howrah Jn HOWRAH DURONTO (12261) departs at 17.15 and train runs on Tu W Th Su. It covers the distance of 837km in 10.50 hrs.