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Mundakakanni Amman Koil (MKAK) to Light House (MLHS) Trains

from Mundakakanni Amman Koil to Light House
42751VLCY PON LOCAL05.0505.0800.03hr
43761VLCY TRL LOCAL05.5105.5300.02hr
41006VLCY MSB LOCAL06.0606.0800.02hr
43651VLCY AVD LOCAL06.2606.2800.02hr
41008VLCY MSB LOCAL06.4606.4800.02hr
41012VLCY MSB LOCAL07.0107.0300.02hr
41502VLCY MSB LOCAL07.1107.1300.02hr
41014VLCY MSB LOCAL07.1607.1800.02hr
41504VLCY MSB LOCAL07.3107.3300.02hr
41016VLCY MSB LOCAL07.3107.3300.02hr
43653VLCY AVD LOCAL07.4607.4800.02hr
41506VLCY MSB LOCAL07.5107.5300.02hr
41020VLCY MSB LOCAL07.5607.5800.02hr
41508VLCY MSB LOCAL08.1108.1300.02hr
41022VLCY MSB LOCAL08.1608.1800.02hr
41024VLCY MSB LOCAL08.2608.2800.02hr
41510VLCY MSB LOCAL08.3108.3300.02hr
43791VLCY PRES LOCAL08.4108.4300.02hr
41512VLCY MSB LOCAL08.5108.5300.02hr
41028VLCY MSB LOCAL08.5608.5800.02hr
41514VLCY MSB LOCAL09.1109.1300.02hr
42651VLCY GPD LOCAL09.1109.1300.02hr
43763VLCY TRL LOCAL09.2609.2800.02hr
41516VLCY MSB LOCAL09.3109.3300.02hr
43793VLCY PRES LOCAL09.3609.3800.02hr
41036VLCY MSB LOCAL09.4609.4800.02hr
41518VLCY MSB LOCAL09.5109.5300.02hr
41038VLCY MSB LOCAL09.5609.5800.02hr
41520VLCY MSB LOCAL10.1110.1300.02hr
41040VLCY MSB LOCAL10.1110.1300.02hr
PS1VLCY MSB LOCAL SPL10.1610.1800.02hr
41042VLCY MSB LOCAL10.2610.2800.02hr
41522VLCY MSB LOCAL10.3110.3300.02hr
43655VLCY AVD LOCAL10.3610.3800.02hr
41524VLCY MSB LOCAL10.5110.5300.02hr
41046VLCY MSB LOCAL10.5110.5300.02hr
41526VLCY MSB LOCAL11.0111.0300.02hr
41048VLCY MSB LOCAL11.0611.0800.02hr
41528VLCY MSB LOCAL11.1111.1300.02hr
41050VLCY MSB LOCAL11.2111.2300.02hr
41530VLCY MSB LOCAL11.3111.3300.02hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL11.4111.4300.02hr
41532VLCY MSB LOCAL11.5111.5300.02hr
41054VLCY MSB LOCAL11.5611.5800.02hr
PS3VLCY MSB LOCAL SPL12.0612.0800.02hr
41534VLCY MSB LOCAL12.1112.1300.02hr
41056VLCY MSB LOCAL12.1612.1800.02hr
41536VLCY MSB LOCAL12.3112.3300.02hr
43765VLCY TRL LOCAL12.3612.3800.02hr
41538VLCY MSB LOCAL12.5112.5300.02hr
41060VLCY MSB LOCAL12.5612.5800.02hr
41540VLCY MSB LOCAL13.1113.1300.02hr
43795VLCY PRES LOCAL13.1613.1800.02hr
41542VLCY MSB LOCAL13.3113.3300.02hr
41064VLCY MSB LOCAL13.3613.3800.02hr
PS5VLCY MSB LOCAL SPL13.5113.5300.02hr
41544VLCY MSB LOCAL13.5113.5300.02hr
43931VLCY AJJ LOCAL13.5613.5800.02hr
41546VLCY MSB LOCAL14.1114.1300.02hr
42851VLCY SPE LOCAL14.1614.1800.02hr
41548VLCY MSB LOCAL14.3114.3300.02hr
41070VLCY MSB LOCAL14.3614.3800.02hr
41550VLCY MSB LOCAL14.5114.5300.02hr
43767VLCY TRL LOCAL14.5614.5800.02hr
41552VLCY MSB LOCAL15.1115.1300.02hr
42653VLCY GPD LOCAL15.1615.1800.02hr
41076VLCY MSB LOCAL15.2615.2800.02hr
41554VLCY MSB LOCAL15.3115.3300.02hr
PS7VLCY MSB LOCAL SPL15.3615.3800.02hr
41078VLCY MSB LOCAL15.4615.4800.02hr
41556VLCY MSB LOCAL15.5115.5300.02hr
41080VLCY MSB LOCAL16.0616.0800.02hr
41558VLCY MSB LOCAL16.1116.1300.02hr
41082VLCY MSB LOCAL16.2116.2300.02hr
41560VLCY MSB LOCAL16.3116.3300.02hr
41084VLCY MSB LOCAL16.3116.3300.02hr
41086VLCY MSB LOCAL16.4616.4800.02hr
41562VLCY MSB LOCAL16.5116.5300.02hr
43797VLCY PRES LOCAL17.0117.0300.02hr
41564VLCY MSB LOCAL17.1117.1300.02hr
43769VLCY TRL LOCAL17.1617.1800.02hr
41092VLCY MSB LOCAL17.2617.2800.02hr
41566VLCY MSB LOCAL17.3117.3300.02hr
43933VLCY AJJ LADIES LOCAL17.3617.3800.02hr
41096VLCY MSB LOCAL17.4617.4800.02hr
41568VLCY MSB LOCAL17.5117.5300.02hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST17.5617.5800.02hr
42655VLCY GPD LOCAL18.0618.0800.02hr
41570VLCY MSB LOCAL18.1118.1300.02hr
41102VLCY MSB LOCAL18.1618.1800.02hr
41104VLCY MSB LOCAL18.2618.2800.02hr
41572VLCY MSB LOCAL18.3118.3300.02hr
43771VLCY TRL LOCAL18.4118.4300.02hr
41108VLCY MSB LOCAL18.5118.5300.02hr
41574VLCY MSB LOCAL18.5118.5300.02hr
41110VLCY MSB LOCAL19.0619.0800.02hr
41576VLCY MSB LOCAL19.1119.1300.02hr
43773VLCY TRL LOCAL19.2119.2300.02hr
41578VLCY MSB LOCAL19.3119.3300.02hr
42657VLCY GPD LOCAL19.3119.3300.02hr
41116VLCY MSB LOCAL19.4119.4300.02hr
41580VLCY MSB LOCAL19.5119.5300.02hr
43657VLCY AVD LOCAL19.5119.5300.02hr
41582VLCY MSB LOCAL20.1120.1300.02hr
41120VLCY MSB LOCAL20.1120.1300.02hr
41584VLCY MSB LOCAL20.3120.3300.02hr
41122VLCY MSB LOCAL20.3120.3300.02hr
41586VLCY MSB LOCAL20.5120.5300.02hr
43659VLCY AVD LOCAL20.5120.5300.02hr
41588VLCY MSB LOCAL21.1121.1300.02hr
43661VLCY AVD LOCAL21.1121.1300.02hr
41128VLCY MSB LOCAL21.3121.3300.02hr
41590VLCY MSB LOCAL21.4121.4300.02hr
41130VLCY MSB LOCAL21.5121.5300.02hr
41132VLCY MSB LOCAL22.1122.1300.02hr
41594VLCY MSB LOCAL22.1122.1300.02hr
41134VLCY MSB LOCAL22.3122.3300.02hr
41598VLCY MSB LOCAL22.4122.4300.02hr
43663VLCY AVD LOCAL22.5122.5300.02hr
41600VLCY MSB LOCAL23.1123.1300.02hr
41138VLCY MSB LOCAL23.1123.1300.02hr
41140VLCY MSB LOCAL23.3123.3300.02hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mundakakanni Amman Koil and Light House?
    There are 122 trains beween Mundakakanni Amman Koil and Light House.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mundakakanni Amman Koil?
    The first train from Mundakakanni Amman Koil to Light House is Velachery Ponneri LOCAL (42751) departs at 05.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mundakakanni Amman Koil?
    The first train from Mundakakanni Amman Koil to Light House is Velachery Chennai Beach Jn LOCAL (41140) departs at 23.31 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Light House and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mundakakanni Amman Koil to Light House is Velachery Tiruvallur LOCAL (43761) departs at 05.51 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 1km in 00.02 hrs.