from New Delhi to Palam
54412MUT RE PASS09.0509.5700.52hr
54011TKJ SDLP PASS18.0018.5600.56hr
from Delhi to Palam
51915DLI FN PASS00.1000.5200.42hr
54413DLI RE PASS03.1503.5500.40hr
54309DLI RE PASS05.2006.0300.43hr
54085DLI RE PASS06.5507.4700.52hr
14546SRE FN EXP10.5011.3300.43hr
54421DLI RE PASS11.1511.5700.42hr
14311ALA HAZRAT EXP11.5012.3100.41hr
14321BE BHUJ EXP11.5012.3100.41hr
74003DLI RE PASS13.5014.3600.46hr
54417DLI RE PASS16.1017.0000.50hr
14659DLI JSM EXPRESS17.3518.1500.40hr
74001DLI NMK PASS20.0520.4900.44hr
12461MANDOR EXPRESS21.1521.5100.36hr
from Delhi S Rohilla to Palam
19264DEE PORBNDR EXP08.2008.4400.24hr
74033DEE FN DEMU08.5009.1800.28hr
74037DEE FN DEMU18.0018.2900.29hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019