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Nungambakkam (NBK) to Mambalam (MBM) Trains

from Nungambakkam to Mambalam
40157MSB TBM LOCAL00.1500.1800.03hr
40421MSB TBM LOCAL00.1500.1800.03hr
40501MSB CGL LOCAL04.1104.1400.03hr
40601MSB CGL LOCAL04.1104.1400.03hr
40301MSB TBM LOCAL04.3104.3400.03hr
40001MSB TBM LOCAL04.3604.3900.03hr
40503MSB CGL LOCAL04.5604.5900.03hr
40603MSB CGL LOCAL04.5604.5900.03hr
40505MSB CGL LOCAL05.1605.1900.03hr
40605MSB CGL LOCAL05.1605.1900.03hr
40507MSB CGL LOCAL05.3605.3900.03hr
40607MSB CGL LOCAL05.3605.3900.03hr
40801MSB CJ FAST05.5605.5900.03hr
40303MSB TBM LOCAL05.5605.5900.03hr
40509MSB CGL LOCAL06.1106.1400.03hr
40609MSB CGL LOCAL06.1106.1400.03hr
40511MSB CGL LOCAL06.2606.2900.03hr
40305MSB TBM LOCAL06.3106.3400.03hr
40003MSB TBM LOCAL06.3606.3900.03hr
40513MSB CGL LOCAL06.4606.4900.03hr
40613MSB CGL LOCAL06.4606.4900.03hr
40515MSB CGL LOCAL07.0107.0400.03hr
40615MSB CGL LOCAL07.0107.0400.03hr
40307MSB TBM LOCAL07.1107.1400.03hr
40517MSB CGL LOCAL07.1107.1400.03hr
40701MSB TMLP LOCAL07.2107.2400.03hr
40751MSB TMLP LOCAL07.2107.2400.03hr
40005MSB TBM LOCAL07.3107.3400.03hr
40309MSB TBM LOCAL07.3107.3400.03hr
40007MSB TBM LOCAL07.3807.4100.03hr
40311MSB TBM LOCAL07.4107.4400.03hr
40009MSB TBM LOCAL07.4607.4900.03hr
40519MSB CGL LOCAL07.5407.5700.03hr
40617MSB CGL LOCAL07.5407.5700.03hr
40011MSB TBM LOCAL08.0208.0500.03hr
40313MSB TBM LOCAL08.0608.0900.03hr
40013MSB TBM LOCAL08.0908.1200.03hr
40315MSB TBM LOCAL08.1608.1900.03hr
40015MSB TBM LOCAL08.1608.1900.03hr
40017MSB TBM LOCAL08.2608.2900.03hr
40317MSB TBM LOCAL08.3108.3400.03hr
40019MSB PV LOCAL08.3308.3600.03hr
66043MSB MLMR MEMU08.4108.4400.03hr
40319MSB TBM LOCAL08.5408.5700.03hr
40023MSB TBM LOCAL08.5608.5900.03hr
40025MSB TBM LOCAL09.0309.0600.03hr
40321MSB TBM LOCAL09.0609.0900.03hr
40523MSB CGL LOCAL09.1209.1500.03hr
40619MSB CGL LOCAL09.1609.1900.03hr
40027MSB TBM LOCAL09.1809.2100.03hr
40029MSB TBM LOCAL09.2409.2700.03hr
40323MSB TBM LOCAL09.2809.3100.03hr
40031MSB TBM LOCAL09.3009.3300.03hr
40033MSB TBM LOCAL09.3609.3900.03hr
40325MSB TBM LOCAL09.4109.4400.03hr
40035MSB TBM LOCAL09.4209.4500.03hr
40037MSB TBM LOCAL09.4809.5100.03hr
40621MSB CGL LOCAL09.5109.5400.03hr
40525MSB CGL LOCAL09.5409.5700.03hr
40327MSB TBM LOCAL09.5810.0100.03hr
40039MSB TBM LOCAL10.0010.0300.03hr
66041MSB TMLP LOCAL10.0610.0900.03hr
40041MSB TBM LOCAL10.1210.1500.03hr
40329MSB TBM LOCAL10.1610.1900.03hr
40043MSB TBM LOCAL10.1810.2100.03hr
40045MSB TBM LOCAL10.2410.2700.03hr
40527MSB CGL LOCAL10.3010.3300.03hr
40623MSB CGL LOCAL10.3110.3400.03hr
40331MSB TBM LOCAL10.3610.3900.03hr
40047MSB TBM LOCAL10.3610.3900.03hr
40049MSB TBM LOCAL10.4210.4500.03hr
40333MSB TBM LOCAL10.4610.4900.03hr
40051MSB TBM LOCAL10.4810.5100.03hr
40053MSB TBM LOCAL10.5410.5700.03hr
40335MSB TBM LOCAL10.5610.5900.03hr
40055MSB TBM LOCAL11.0011.0300.03hr
40337MSB TBM LOCAL11.0111.0400.03hr
40339MSB TBM LOCAL11.0611.0900.03hr
40057MSB TBM LOCAL11.0611.0900.03hr
40059MSB TBM LOCAL11.1211.1500.03hr
40625MSB CGL LOCAL11.1611.1900.03hr
40529MSB CGL LOCAL11.1811.2100.03hr
40341MSB TBM LOCAL11.2611.2900.03hr
40061MSB TBM LOCAL11.2611.2900.03hr
BC1MSB CGL LOCAL SPL11.3111.3400.03hr
40343MSB TBM LOCAL11.3611.3900.03hr
40063MSB TBM LOCAL11.3611.3900.03hr
40345MSB TBM LOCAL11.4611.4900.03hr
40065MSB TBM LOCAL11.4611.4900.03hr
40067MSB TBM LOCAL11.5311.5600.03hr
40347MSB TBM LOCAL11.5611.5900.03hr
40069MSB TBM LOCAL12.0112.0400.03hr
40349MSB TBM LOCAL12.0612.0900.03hr
40531MSB CGL LOCAL12.1112.1400.03hr
40627MSB CGL LOCAL12.1612.1900.03hr
40351MSB TBM LOCAL12.2612.2900.03hr
40071MSB TBM LOCAL12.2612.2900.03hr
40353MSB TBM LOCAL12.3612.3900.03hr
40073MSB TBM LOCAL12.3612.3900.03hr
40533MSB CGL LOCAL12.4612.4900.03hr
40629MSB CGL LOCAL12.4612.4900.03hr
40355MSB TBM LOCAL12.5612.5900.03hr
40075MSB TBM LOCAL12.5913.0200.03hr
40357MSB TBM LOCAL13.0613.0900.03hr
40077MSB TBM LOCAL13.1213.1500.03hr
40359MSB TBM LOCAL13.1613.1900.03hr
40535MSB CGL LOCAL13.2513.2800.03hr
40631MSB CGL LOCAL13.3113.3400.03hr
40079MSB TBM LOCAL13.3813.4100.03hr
40755MSB TMLP LOCAL13.4613.4900.03hr
40705MSB TMLP LOCAL13.5113.5400.03hr
40633MSB CGL LOCAL14.0114.0400.03hr
40539MSB CGL LOCAL14.0314.0600.03hr
40361MSB TBM LOCAL14.1614.1900.03hr
40081MSB TBM LOCAL14.1714.2000.03hr
40541MSB CGL LOCAL14.2914.3200.03hr
40635MSB CGL LOCAL14.3114.3400.03hr
40083MSB TBM LOCAL14.3914.4200.03hr
40363MSB TBM LOCAL14.4614.4900.03hr
40085MSB TBM LOCAL14.4814.5100.03hr
40637MSB CGL LOCAL15.0115.0400.03hr
40543MSB CGL LOCAL15.0315.0600.03hr
40365MSB TBM LOCAL15.1615.1900.03hr
40087MSB TBM LOCAL15.1815.2100.03hr
BC3MSB CGL LOCAL SPL15.2415.2700.03hr
40367MSB TBM LOCAL15.3115.3400.03hr
40089MSB TBM LOCAL15.3115.3400.03hr
40803MSB CJ FAST15.4115.4400.03hr
40369MSB TBM LOCAL15.4615.4900.03hr
40545MSB CGL LOCAL15.5115.5400.03hr
40639MSB CGL LOCAL15.5615.5900.03hr
40091MSB TBM LOCAL16.0116.0400.03hr
40371MSB TBM LOCAL16.0616.0900.03hr
40093MSB TBM LOCAL16.1116.1400.03hr
40373MSB TBM LOCAL16.1616.1900.03hr
40095MSB TBM LOCAL16.2116.2400.03hr
40641MSB CGL LOCAL16.2616.2900.03hr
40547MSB CGL LOCAL16.3116.3400.03hr
40375MSB TBM LOCAL16.3616.3900.03hr
40097MSB TBM LOCAL16.3916.4200.03hr
40377MSB TBM LOCAL16.4616.4900.03hr
40549MSB CGL LOCAL16.4816.5100.03hr
40099MSB TBM LOCAL16.5616.5900.03hr
40379MSB TBM LOCAL16.5616.5900.03hr
40551MSB CGL LOCAL17.0617.0900.03hr
40643MSB CGL LOCAL17.0617.0900.03hr
40101MSB TBM LOCAL17.1617.1900.03hr
40381MSB TBM LOCAL17.1617.1900.03hr
40103MSB TBM LOCAL17.2617.2900.03hr
40383MSB TBM LOCAL17.2617.2900.03hr
40553MSB CGL LOCAL17.3617.3900.03hr
40645MSB CGL LOCAL17.3617.3900.03hr
40105MSB TBM LOCAL17.4617.4900.03hr
40385MSB TBM LOCAL17.4617.4900.03hr
40555MSB CGL LOCAL17.5417.5700.03hr
40647MSB CGL LOCAL17.5617.5900.03hr
40107MSB TBM LOCAL18.0118.0400.03hr
40387MSB TBM LOCAL18.0618.0900.03hr
40109MSB TBM LADIES SPL18.0918.1200.03hr
40757MSB TMLP LOCAL18.1618.1900.03hr
40111MSB TBM LOCAL18.1618.1900.03hr
40557MSB CGL LOCAL18.2318.2600.03hr
40649MSB CGL LOCAL18.2618.2900.03hr
40113MSB TBM LOCAL18.3618.3900.03hr
40389MSB TBM LOCAL18.3618.3900.03hr
40115MSB TBM LOCAL18.4318.4600.03hr
40651MSB CGL LOCAL18.4618.4900.03hr
40561MSB CGL LOCAL18.5618.5900.03hr
40391MSB TBM LOCAL18.5618.5900.03hr
40117MSB TBM LOCAL19.0419.0700.03hr
40653MSB CGL LOCAL19.0619.0900.03hr
40119MSB TBM LOCAL19.1119.1400.03hr
40393MSB TBM LOCAL19.1619.1900.03hr
40121MSB TBM LOCAL19.1819.2100.03hr
40709MSB TMLP LOCAL19.2519.2800.03hr
40759MSB TMLP LOCAL19.2619.2900.03hr
40123MSB TBM LOCAL19.3219.3500.03hr
40395MSB TBM LOCAL19.3619.3900.03hr
40125MSB TBM LOCAL19.4019.4300.03hr
T1MSB TBM LOCAL SPL19.4619.4900.03hr
40397MSB TBM LOCAL19.4619.4900.03hr
40563MSB CGL LOCAL19.4819.5100.03hr
40127MSB TBM LOCAL19.5619.5900.03hr
40655MSB CGL LOCAL19.5619.5900.03hr
40129MSB TBM LOCAL20.0420.0700.03hr
40399MSB TBM LOCAL20.0620.0900.03hr
40565MSB CGL LOCAL20.1220.1500.03hr
40401MSB TBM LOCAL20.1620.1900.03hr
40131MSB TBM LOCAL20.2020.2300.03hr
40657MSB CGL LOCAL20.2620.2900.03hr
40133MSB TBM LOCAL20.2820.3100.03hr
40403MSB TBM LOCAL20.3120.3400.03hr
40761MSB TMLP LOCAL20.3620.3900.03hr
40135MSB TBM LOCAL20.4420.4700.03hr
40405MSB TBM LOCAL20.4620.4900.03hr
40137MSB TBM LOCAL20.5220.5500.03hr
40407MSB TBM LOCAL20.5620.5900.03hr
40139MSB TBM LOCAL21.0021.0300.03hr
40567MSB CGL LOCAL21.0821.1100.03hr
40659MSB CGL LOCAL21.0821.1100.03hr
40141MSB TBM LOCAL21.1621.1900.03hr
40409MSB TBM LOCAL21.1621.1900.03hr
40143MSB TBM LOCAL21.2621.2900.03hr
40411MSB TBM LOCAL21.3121.3400.03hr
40569MSB CGL LOCAL21.3621.3900.03hr
40145MSB TBM LOCAL21.4621.4900.03hr
40661MSB CGL LOCAL21.4621.4900.03hr
40663MSB CGL LOCAL22.0122.0400.03hr
40571MSB CGL LOCAL22.0122.0400.03hr
T3MSB TBM LOCAL SPL22.1122.1400.03hr
40413MSB TBM LOCAL22.1622.1900.03hr
40147MSB TBM LOCAL22.2122.2400.03hr
40415MSB TBM LOCAL22.3122.3400.03hr
40151MSB TBM LOCAL22.4122.4400.03hr
40417MSB TBM LOCAL22.4622.4900.03hr
40573MSB CGL LOCAL23.0123.0400.03hr
40665MSB CGL LOCAL23.0623.0900.03hr
40153MSB TBM LOCAL23.2123.2400.03hr
40419MSB TBM LOCAL23.3623.3900.03hr
40155MSB TBM LOCAL23.4623.4900.03hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Nungambakkam and Mambalam?
    There are 220 trains beween Nungambakkam and Mambalam.
  2. When does the first train leave from Nungambakkam?
    The first train from Nungambakkam to Mambalam is Chennai Beach Jn Tambaram LOCAL (40157) departs at 00.15 and train runs on Tu W Th F Sa Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Nungambakkam?
    The first train from Nungambakkam to Mambalam is Chennai Beach Jn Tambaram LOCAL (40155) departs at 23.46 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mambalam and its timing?
    The fastest train from Nungambakkam to Mambalam is Chennai Beach Jn Tambaram LOCAL (40157) departs at 00.15 and train runs on Tu W Th F Sa Su. It covers the distance of 3km in 00.03 hrs.