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Rajamundry (RJY) to Khurda Road Jn (KUR) Trains

from Rajamundry
12704FALAKNUMA EXP00.03Khurda Road Jn10.0510.02hr
12846BHUBANESHWAR EXP00.04Khurda Road Jn10.4510.41hr
22852SRC VIVEK EXP00.04Khurda Road Jn10.4510.41hr
22613HALDIA EXPRESS00.04Khurda Road Jn10.4510.41hr
20890HWH HUMSAFAR SF01.10Bhubaneswar11.5510.45hr
06058MAS SRC EXPRESS01.17Khurda Road Jn11.1009.53hr
22888HUMSAFAR EXP01.17Khurda Road Jn11.2010.03hr
15905DBRG VIVEK EXP01.58Khurda Road Jn13.1511.17hr
22606PURULIA EXPRESS01.58Khurda Road Jn13.1511.17hr
22604KHARAGPUR EXP01.58Khurda Road Jn13.1511.17hr
22826MAS SHM EXP01.58Khurda Road Jn13.1511.17hr
22860MAS PURI EXPRESS01.58Khurda Road Jn13.1511.17hr
17016VISAKHA EXP03.02Khurda Road Jn15.0011.58hr
12253ANGA EXPRESS05.05Khurda Road Jn14.5009.45hr
18048VSG HOWRAH EXP05.05Khurda Road Jn14.5009.45hr
22856TPTY SRC SUP EXP05.13Khurda Road Jn14.5009.37hr
12829BHUBANESWAR EXP06.32Khurda Road Jn16.5010.18hr
22834BBS HUMSAFAR07.10Khurda Road Jn17.3510.25hr
12664HOWRAH EXPRESS07.42Khurda Road Jn18.2010.38hr
12666CAPE HOWRAH EXP07.42Khurda Road Jn18.2010.38hr
12897PDY BBS EXPRESS07.42Khurda Road Jn18.2010.38hr
15629GUWAHATI EXPRESS07.42Khurda Road Jn18.2010.38hr
15929DIBRUGARH EXP07.42Khurda Road Jn18.2010.38hr
12840HOWRAH MAIL09.10Khurda Road Jn20.0510.55hr
18464PRASANTHI EXP09.17Khurda Road Jn20.3011.13hr
06010PDY SRC EXPRESS09.57Khurda Road Jn20.4510.48hr
12864YPR HOWRAH EXP12.05Khurda Road Jn22.3510.30hr
22850SC SHM WKLY EXP13.28Khurda Road Jn00.2010.52hr
12774SC SHM AC EXP13.28Khurda Road Jn00.2010.52hr
12513SC GHY EXP15.27Khurda Road Jn02.0010.33hr
12509GUWAHATI EXP15.29Khurda Road Jn02.0010.31hr
12515GUWAHATI EXP15.29Khurda Road Jn02.0010.31hr
22643PATNA EXPRESS15.29Khurda Road Jn02.0010.31hr
11019KONARK EXPRESS16.25Khurda Road Jn03.5011.25hr
07149SC KYQ SPL16.27Khurda Road Jn03.0510.38hr
22808MAS SRC AC EXP16.28Khurda Road Jn03.0010.32hr
22842MAS SRC ANTYODAYA16.38Khurda Road Jn03.0010.22hr
12842COROMANDEL EXP17.30Khurda Road Jn04.0510.35hr
22884PURI GARIB RATH17.42Khurda Road Jn04.3510.53hr
12659GURUDEV EXPRESS18.45Khurda Road Jn05.2010.35hr
15227MUZAFFARPUR EXP18.45Khurda Road Jn05.2010.35hr
22501NEW TINSUKIA EXP19.12Khurda Road Jn05.2010.08hr
12507GUWAHATI EXP19.12Khurda Road Jn05.2010.08hr
22818MYS HOWRAH EXP19.12Khurda Road Jn06.4011.28hr
22641SHALIMAR EXP19.12Khurda Road Jn05.2010.08hr
18646EAST COAST EXP19.17Khurda Road Jn07.1011.53hr
22878ERS HWH ANTYODAYA EXP21.15Khurda Road Jn06.4009.25hr
18402OKHA PURI EXP21.25Khurda Road Jn09.0011.35hr
22872TPTY BBS EXP21.25Khurda Road Jn09.0011.35hr
22880TPTY BBS SF EXP21.25Khurda Road Jn09.0011.35hr
07438KCG TATA EXP21.48Khurda Road Jn08.1510.27hr
17480TPTY PURI EXP23.35Khurda Road Jn13.0513.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Rajamundry and Khurda Road Jn?
    There are 52 trains beween Rajamundry and Khurda Road Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Rajamundry?
    The first train from Rajamundry to Khurda Road Jn is Secunderabad Jn Howrah Jn FALAKNUMA EXPRESS (12704) departs at 00.03 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Rajamundry?
    The first train from Rajamundry to Khurda Road Jn is Tirupati Puri EXPRESS (17480) departs at 23.35 and train runs on M Tu W F Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Khurda Road Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Rajamundry to Khurda Road Jn is Ernakulam Jn Howrah Jn ANTYODAYA EXPRESS (22878) departs at 21.15 and train runs on Tu. It covers the distance of 611km in 09.25 hrs.