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Rajendranagar T (RJPB) to Ara (ARA) Trains

from Rajendranagar T to Ara
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS04.2705.5501.28hr
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS04.2705.5501.28hr
12391SHRAMJEEVI EXP10.1311.2501.12hr
13133SDAH BSB EXP14.1815.5901.41hr
13119SDAH ANVT EXP14.1815.5901.41hr
12401MAGADH EXPRESS17.0818.5201.44hr
20801MAGADH EXPRESS17.0818.5201.44hr
63261FUT BXR MEMU17.1820.2303.05hr
12395ZIYARAT EXPRESS18.3020.1301.43hr
22405BGP GARIB RATH18.3320.1301.40hr
13201RJPB LTT EXP23.5501.1501.20hr
from Patna Jn to Ara
15483MAHANANDA EXP01.4002.2500.45hr
13049AMRITSAR EXP02.1503.0500.50hr
13005AMRITSAR MAIL03.5004.3500.45hr
12333VIBHUTI EXPRESS04.1005.0000.50hr
15668KYQ GIMB EXPRESS04.3005.1300.43hr
13249PNBE BBU INTERCITY05.2006.3001.10hr
63233PNBE BSB PASS05.3006.4801.18hr
63227PNBE DDU MEMU08.0009.2101.21hr
19422PNBE ADI EXP10.1010.5500.45hr
12331HIMGIRI EXPRESS10.1010.5500.45hr
15563UDN ANTYODAYA EXPRESS10.1010.5500.45hr
13237PNBE KOTA EXP11.3012.1500.45hr
13239PNBE KOTA EXP11.3012.1500.45hr
63225PNBE DDU MEMU12.3013.5001.20hr
14055BRAHMPUTRA MAIL12.5013.2900.39hr
15646GHY LTT EXP13.3514.2400.49hr
15624KYQ BGKT EXPRESS13.3514.1500.40hr
63263PNBE BXR MEMU13.4515.1801.33hr
12335BGP LTT EXPRESS14.0014.3800.38hr
12742PNBE VSG EXPRES14.0014.4000.40hr
15648GHY LTT EXPRESS14.0014.4800.48hr
22948BGP SURAT SF EXP14.1515.0200.47hr
53211PNBE SSM PASS15.0017.2002.20hr
12303POORVA EXPRESS16.1016.5100.41hr
16360PNBE ERS EXPRES16.3017.1000.40hr
15126JANSHATABDI EXP17.1517.5500.40hr
63213PNBE ARA MEMU17.2519.1001.45hr
13429MLDT ANVT EXP18.2019.1900.59hr
11105PRATHAM S S EXP18.2019.1900.59hr
14003MLDT NDLS EXPRES18.2019.1900.59hr
12569JYG ANVT G RATH18.5520.1301.18hr
63231PNBE MGS MEMU19.5521.3201.37hr
12577BAGMATI EXPRESS20.2021.0500.45hr
07092RXL SC SPL20.4021.2500.45hr
13007U ABHATOOFAN EXP21.2522.2801.03hr
63223PNBE ARA MEMU21.5500.1002.15hr
17609PNBE PAU EXP23.1023.5000.40hr
12948AZIMABAD EXPRESS23.3500.1600.41hr
from Patliputra to Ara
12505NORTH EAST EXP03.1003.5500.45hr
12142PPTA LTT EXP10.4511.3800.53hr
22355PPTA CDG EXP20.3521.2200.47hr
from Danapur to Ara
63219DNR RPR MEMU09.5511.0501.10hr
12792SECUNDERABAD EX12.1512.4500.30hr
13257JAN SADHARAN EXP15.4516.1500.30hr
19064DNR UDHNA EXP16.4017.1000.30hr
12296SANGHA MITRA EX20.1020.3900.29hr
12150DNR PUNE EXP22.5523.2500.30hr
03253DNR-LKO EXAM SPECIAL23.3500.4001.05hr
from Hajipur Jn to Ara
01666AGTL HBJ SPL21.2523.1001.45hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Rajendranagar T and Ara?
    There are 60 trains beween Rajendranagar T and Ara.
  2. When does the first train leave from Rajendranagar T?
    The first train from Rajendranagar T to Ara is Alipur Duar Jn Delhi MAHANANDA EXPRESS (15483) departs at 01.40 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Rajendranagar T?
    The first train from Rajendranagar T to Ara is Rajendranagar T Lokmanyatilak EXPRESS (13201) departs at 23.55 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Ara and its timing?
    The fastest train from Rajendranagar T to Ara is Danapur Ksr Bengaluru SANGHAMITRA EXPRESS (12296) departs at 20.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 40km in 00.29 hrs.