from Ramnagar to Kashipur
12527RMR CDG SF EXP05.3505.5700.22hr
55306RMR MB PASS07.0007.2900.29hr
15034RMR HW EXP08.3508.5800.23hr
25036RMR DLI LINK EX09.5510.1700.22hr
55308RMR MB PASS10.5511.2600.31hr
55310RMR MB PASS13.5514.2300.28hr
19062RMR BDTS EXP16.2016.4200.22hr
55314RMR KPV PASS17.0017.3500.35hr
15056RMR AF EXP17.4018.0200.22hr
55322RMR MB FAST PASS21.0521.2900.24hr
25014CORBET PRK LINK22.0022.2300.23hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019