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Ranaghat Jn (RHA) to Krishngr Cty Jn (KNJ) Trains

from Ranaghat Jn to Krishngr Cty Jn
53181LALGOLA PASS01.1202.0200.50hr
31721RHA KNJ LOCAL04.4205.1100.29hr
31765RHA LGL EMU05.0005.3400.34hr
31811SDAH KNJ LOCAL05.1405.4800.34hr
53171SDAH LGL PASS05.3406.1900.45hr
31571RHA KNJ LOCAL05.4706.5201.05hr
31723RHA KNJ LOCAL06.0506.3800.33hr
31813SDAH KNJ LOCAL07.1007.4200.32hr
31767RHA LGL EMU07.3508.0500.30hr
31815SDAH KNJ LOCAL07.5908.3400.35hr
13113HAZARDUARI EXP08.2008.4800.28hr
31817SDAH KNJ LOCAL08.4509.2200.37hr
31839SDAH KNJ LOCAL09.2409.5800.34hr
30145BBD KNJ LOCAL10.2811.0200.34hr
31819SDAH KNJ FAST11.1811.5000.32hr
31841SDAH KNJ FAST12.0912.3500.26hr
31821SDAH KNJ LOCAL12.4213.1500.33hr
31769RHA LGL EMU13.1513.4500.30hr
31823SDAH KNJ LOCAL13.5414.2600.32hr
53175SDAH LGL PGR14.2415.1100.47hr
31825SDAH KNJ LOCAL15.0415.3500.31hr
53179KOAA LGL PASS15.4116.2600.45hr
31771RHA LGL EMU17.0517.3800.33hr
31827SDAH KNJ LOCAL17.1617.5000.34hr
13117KOAA LGL EXPRESS17.4518.1600.31hr
31829SDAH KNJ LOCAL18.0218.3500.33hr
53177SDAH LGL PASS18.2119.0100.40hr
31801SDAH KNJ LADIES SPL18.5719.2900.32hr
31831SDAH KNJ FAST19.1819.4900.31hr
13103BHAGIRATHI EXP19.5320.2000.27hr
31833SDAH KNJ LOCAL20.2720.5900.32hr
31843SDAH KNJ FAST21.1221.4000.28hr
31835SDAH KNJ LOCAL21.2421.5700.33hr
63105SDAH LGL MEMU21.5822.2500.27hr
31725RHA KNJ LOCAL22.2022.5000.30hr
31837SDAH KNJ LOCAL22.5223.2200.30hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Ranaghat Jn and Krishngr Cty Jn?
    There are 36 trains beween Ranaghat Jn and Krishngr Cty Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Ranaghat Jn?
    The first train from Ranaghat Jn to Krishngr Cty Jn is Sealdah Lalgola LALGOLA PASSENGER (53181) departs at 01.12 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Ranaghat Jn?
    The first train from Ranaghat Jn to Krishngr Cty Jn is Sealdah Krishnanagar City Jn LOCAL (31837) departs at 22.52 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Krishngr Cty Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Ranaghat Jn to Krishngr Cty Jn is SDAH KNJ FAST (31841) departs at 12.09 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 26km in 00.26 hrs.