from Roza Jn to Alam Nagar
14266DDN BSB EXPRESS03.3207.2903.57hr
64222SPN LKO MEMU06.2211.0004.38hr
54378BE PRG PASS09.1914.2305.04hr
14308BE LKO ALD PASS19.1622.2803.12hr
54252SRE LKO PASS22.2504.0205.37hr
from Shahjehanpur to Alam Nagar
12230LUCKNOW MAIL04.0606.2602.20hr
13050ASR HWH EXPRESS08.3211.1602.44hr
14008SADHBHAWNA EXP23.3001.4802.18hr
14014SULTANPUR EXP23.3001.4802.18hr
14016SADHBHAWNA EXP23.3001.4802.18hr
14018SADBHAVNA EXP23.3001.4802.18hr

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