from Sahibabad to Chola
64167PWL ALJN EMU06.0408.2502.21hr
64152DLI ALJN EMU09.1910.4401.25hr
64584DLI TDL MEMU13.2414.4301.19hr
64106DLI KRJ EMU17.5219.2101.29hr
64110NDLS ALJN EMU18.0819.3101.23hr
64582DLI HRF MEMU18.1419.3801.24hr
64114NDLS ALJN EMU18.3819.5101.13hr
64102DLI ALJN EMU18.4220.0101.19hr
64108DLI KRJ EMU21.0722.3001.23hr
from Ghaziabad to Chola
18310JAT SBP EXP05.3206.1800.46hr
18102JAT MURI TATA EXPRESS05.3206.1800.46hr
15484MAHANANDA EXP07.2608.0600.40hr

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