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Sahibabad (SBB) to Ghaziabad (GZB) Trains

from Sahibabad to Ghaziabad
54076SITAPURCITY PAS00.2000.4200.22hr
54078DLI BE PASSENGR00.2000.4200.22hr
64422NDLS GZB EMU00.3801.0000.22hr
64051PWL GZB EMU01.3301.5500.22hr
54308DLI MB PASS04.3905.0300.24hr
54539NZM UMB PASS04.4905.1300.24hr
64104DLI DKDE EMU05.3705.5000.13hr
64167PWL ALJN EMU06.0406.1700.13hr
19019DEHRADUN EXP06.1106.3300.22hr
29019MDS KOTA MTC EX06.1106.3300.22hr
14556BAREILLY EXP06.2906.5800.29hr
64402DLI GZB EMU07.3708.0000.23hr
64053PWL GZB EMU08.0308.2000.17hr
64472PNP GZB MEMU08.5309.1500.22hr
64414DLI GZB EMU09.0709.3000.23hr
64152DLI ALJN EMU09.1909.4300.24hr
64424NDLS GZB EMU09.3809.5500.17hr
64903MTJ GZB EMU09.4710.1000.23hr
64406DLI GZB EMU09.5710.2000.23hr
64428NDLS GZB EMU10.0310.3000.27hr
64404DLI GZB EMU10.0810.4000.32hr
64555ANVT MTC MEMU10.1510.4000.25hr
64426NDLS GZB EMU10.2010.5000.30hr
54056DLI MB PASS10.2910.5000.21hr
64408DLI GZB EMU10.3711.0000.23hr
64055PWL GZB EMU10.3911.0500.26hr
64901KSV GZB EMU11.3712.0000.23hr
64430NDLS GZB EMU11.4312.0500.22hr
64561DLI UMB MEMU11.5312.1500.22hr
64434DLI GZB EMU12.0912.3000.21hr
64112SSB DKDE EMU12.1712.3500.18hr
64057PWL GZB EMU13.0413.3000.26hr
64584DLI TDL MEMU13.2413.3900.15hr
64559DLI SRE PASS13.5014.1500.25hr
64432NDLS GZB EMU14.2814.5000.22hr
64032SSB GZB EMU16.0716.3000.23hr
64419NZM GZB EMU16.5117.1000.19hr
14316INTERCITY EXP17.0317.2300.20hr
64557DLI SRE MEMU17.1317.3000.17hr
15274SATYAGRAH EXP17.4118.0300.22hr
64106DLI KRJ EMU17.5218.1900.27hr
64554ANVT MB MEMU18.0018.1800.18hr
54471DLI RKSH PASS18.0618.2400.18hr
64110NDLS ALJN EMU18.0818.2900.21hr
64582DLI HRF MEMU18.1418.3900.25hr
64450NDLS GZB EMU18.1818.4000.22hr
64114NDLS ALJN EMU18.3818.5100.13hr
64102DLI ALJN EMU18.4219.0200.20hr
54411RE MUT PASS18.4819.1000.22hr
64410DLI GZB EMU18.5319.1500.22hr
54473DLI SRE PASS19.1419.3400.20hr
64568TKJ BSC MEMU19.1519.3500.20hr
64418DLI GZB MEMU19.3720.0000.23hr
64534PNP GZB MEMU20.3821.0000.22hr
64412DELHI GZB EMU20.4721.0500.18hr
64108DLI KRJ EMU21.0721.2400.17hr
59386PENCH VALLEY PASS - SLIP21.1021.3000.20hr
18237CHATTISGARH EXP21.1021.3000.20hr
64034SSB GZB EMU21.2721.5000.23hr
14218UNCHAHAR EXP21.5522.1100.16hr
15013RANIKHET EXP22.3523.0200.27hr
64036SSB GZB EMU23.5700.1500.18hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sahibabad and Ghaziabad?
    There are 62 trains beween Sahibabad and Ghaziabad.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sahibabad?
    The first train from Sahibabad to Ghaziabad is Delhi Moradabad SITAPURCITY PASSENGER (54076) departs at 00.20 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sahibabad?
    The first train from Sahibabad to Ghaziabad is Shakurbasti Ghaziabad EMU (64036) departs at 23.57 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Ghaziabad and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sahibabad to Ghaziabad is Delhi Dankaur EMU (64104) departs at 05.37 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 6km in 00.13 hrs.