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Sanpada (SNCR) to Kopar Khairna (KPHN) Trains

from Sanpada to Kopar Khairna
99402VASHI THANE LOCAL05.3305.4000.07hr
99404VASHI THANE LOCAL05.5306.0000.07hr
99406VASHI THANE LOCAL06.0606.1300.07hr
99408VASHI THANE LOCAL06.3406.4100.07hr
99410VASHI THANE LOCAL06.5206.5900.07hr
99412VASHI THANE LOCAL07.2007.2700.07hr
99414VASHI THANE LOCAL07.4107.4800.07hr
99416VASHI THANE LOCAL07.5808.0500.07hr
99418VASHI THANE LOCAL08.1608.2300.07hr
99420VASHI THANE LOCAL08.3608.4300.07hr
99422VASHI THANE LADIES LOCAL08.4908.5600.07hr
99424VASHI THANE LOCAL09.0409.1100.07hr
99426VASHI THANE LOCAL09.2209.2900.07hr
99428VASHI THANE LOCAL09.3809.4600.08hr
99430VASHI THANE LOCAL09.5410.0000.06hr
99432VASHI THANE LOCAL10.1910.2700.08hr
99434VASHI THANE LOCAL10.3510.4200.07hr
99436VASHI THANE LOCAL10.4910.5600.07hr
99438VASHI THANE LOCAL11.0211.0900.07hr
99440VASHI THANE LOCAL11.1711.2400.07hr
99442VASHI THANE LOCAL11.3511.4200.07hr
99444VASHI THANE LOCAL11.4711.5400.07hr
99446VASHI THANE LOCAL12.0112.0800.07hr
99448VASHI THANE LOCAL12.1612.2300.07hr
99450VASHI THANE LOCAL12.3412.4100.07hr
99452VASHI THANE LOCAL12.5913.0600.07hr
99454VASHI THANE LOCAL13.2513.3200.07hr
99456VASHI THANE LOCAL13.4413.5100.07hr
99458VASHI THANE LOCAL14.1114.1800.07hr
99460VASHI THANE LOCAL14.3914.4600.07hr
99462VASHI THANE LOCAL15.0015.0700.07hr
99518VASHI THANE LOCAL15.1515.2200.07hr
99464VASHI THANE LOCAL15.2715.3400.07hr
99466VASHI THANE LOCAL15.4215.4900.07hr
99468VASHI THANE LOCAL16.0816.1500.07hr
99470VASHI THANE LOCAL16.2316.3000.07hr
99520VASHI THANE LOCAL16.3516.4200.07hr
99472VASHI THANE LOCAL16.4916.5600.07hr
99474VASHI THANE LOCAL17.0217.1000.08hr
99476VASHI THANE LADIES SPL17.2317.3000.07hr
99478VASHI THANE LADIES LOCAL17.3617.4300.07hr
99480VASHI THANE LOCAL17.5217.5900.07hr
99482VASHI THANE LOCAL18.0918.1600.07hr
99484VASHI THANE LADIES LOCAL18.2918.3600.07hr
99486VASHI THANE LOCAL18.5319.0000.07hr
99488VASHI THANE LOCAL19.0619.1300.07hr
99490VASHI THANE LOCAL19.2319.3000.07hr
99492VASHI THANE LOCAL19.4019.4700.07hr
99494VASHI THANE LOCAL20.0220.1000.08hr
99496VASHI THANE LOCAL20.1620.2300.07hr
99498VASHI THANE LOCAL20.3520.4200.07hr
99500VASHI THANE LOCAL20.5421.0100.07hr
99502VASHI THANE LOCAL21.0921.1600.07hr
99504VASHI THANE LOCAL21.2821.3500.07hr
99506VASHI THANE LOCAL21.4121.4800.07hr
99508VASHI THANE LOCAL22.0422.1100.07hr
99510VASHI THANE LOCAL22.2722.3400.07hr
99512VASHI THANE LOCAL22.4922.5600.07hr
99514VASHI THANE LOCAL23.1323.2000.07hr
99516VASHI THANE LOCAL23.2923.3600.07hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sanpada and Kopar Khairna?
    There are 60 trains beween Sanpada and Kopar Khairna.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sanpada?
    The first train from Sanpada to Kopar Khairna is Vashi Thane LOCAL (99402) departs at 05.33 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sanpada?
    The first train from Sanpada to Kopar Khairna is Vashi Thane LOCAL (99516) departs at 23.29 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kopar Khairna and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sanpada to Kopar Khairna is Vashi Thane LOCAL (99430) departs at 09.54 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 5km in 00.06 hrs.