from Satberia H to Ranaghat Jn
33712BNJ RHA LOCAL04.2705.0800.41hr
33714BNJ RHA LOCAL06.2507.0500.40hr
33716BNJ RHA LOCAL07.2508.0500.40hr
00740BNJ RHA SPL08.3509.1500.40hr
33718BNJ RHA LOCAL09.2810.0900.41hr
33720BNJ RHA LOCAL10.2511.0500.40hr
33752BNJ STB LOCAL11.2112.0000.39hr
33722BNJ RHA LOCAL12.2513.0000.35hr
33724BNJ RHA LOCAL13.0513.4500.40hr
33726BNJ SDAH LOCAL14.2014.5700.37hr
33728BNJ SDAH LOCAL15.2516.0300.38hr
33730BNJ RHA LOCAL16.3517.1200.37hr
33732BNJ RHA LOCAL18.0518.4200.37hr
33734BNJ RHA LOCAL19.4120.1700.36hr
33736BNJ RHA LOCAL20.5921.3700.38hr
33738BNJ RHA LOCAL23.1423.5200.38hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019